School Newsletter

Skating, singing and Santa as our Winter Wonderland kicks off. What a wonderful week it’s been. All the children got to safely speak to Santa, send their Christmas wishes up through Daffodil the wish ribbon fairy, and to hear about how reindeer people live.

And Mrs Beaver helped them to hear about robins and how they get their red breasts! The children delighted us with their requests from Santa – some were really not just about toys and games, but even asked for more family time!

Angela’s press release has attracted attention to our Christmas celebrations. Check out the Evening Chronicle, the
News Post Leader as well as the local Town Council updates to see some of the photos! We also managed to squeeze in a visit from Ian Levy MP as well as Loraine di Simone the Cramlington Mayor! Obligatory press photo above.

Today we are taking part in the Town Council’s ‘Remotely Christmas’ programme this week and you may see the children
around online as those with permissions have allowed us to share photos with them.

Covid Update

We have been asked that you inform the school as a priority if A CHILD WHO USUALLY ATTENDS CVPS (not any family
members) receives a positive Covid test result. We need to be informed until midnight of Thursday the 24th December.
Please notify us on the school mobile number by text – 07445998690 with the copy of the isolation date notice if you can. We will then notify parents of the need for the contacts of the infected child to isolate for the subsequent 14 day statutory period.

We will send an email, post onto the class facebook page and text those families if necessary.

Last day of term Fri 18th

You may have heard that schools were told on Tuesday this week they could close on Friday the 18th December and allocate the day as a training day. This day is to make up for us being on call for 6 days into the holiday period to
support the national track and trace system.

I feel that it is too short notice to close on Friday the 18th December for a host of reasons so we will continue until 2pm on Friday the 18th December.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 94%(0)
  • YR 94%(1)
  • Y1 98%(0)
  • Y2 95%(0)
  • Y3 98%(0)
  • Y4 97%(2)
  • Y5 91%(0)
  • Y6 isolating

Well done to Y1 & Y3 this week for excellent attendance and no lates.


Congratulations to Lily Norman from Y2 who was chosen as one of three winners of Ian Levy’s Christmas Card competition. Lily’s final creation reflected her Matisse learning from this term which she explained confidently to Ian when he came today for a socially distanced visit. We hope to share Lily’s winning card when we receive one in the post!

Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumper days are today and next Friday. Please don’t worry if you don’t have one, or if your child doesn’t want to wear anything other than their usual uniform. On jumper days please wear usual uniform other than your sweatshirt.

End of term gifts for staff

Some families have asked how they can give end of term gifts for the staff. We will put the usual plastic crates outside next week and quarantine any gifts sent in. Kind words in a card are just as appreciated so please don’t feel obliged.

Free School Meal Vouchers this Christmas

The government has set up a scheme so that all those usually entitled to free school meals will receive a voucher to use during the school holiday at Christmas. If your income is below £16300 please speak to Gertie or Angela in our office, as soon as possible. You can qualify for this for two weeks at Christmas, particularly for pupils in Y1, YR and YN and applications can be returned very quickly.

EYFS Nativity – coming soon

The children in early years (Reception) have been rehearsing for the reception ‘rite of passage’ reenactment of the nativity story. We are looking forward to recording these and sending them onto facebook pages and Tapestry. Older year groups will also have a festive message to share with you too all online. (Obviously subject to any isolations!)

Is it Good to be Different?

Teachers have been planning this week and some will plan next week for our new theme of learning around a key question; ‘Is it good to be different?’ We will share some of our plans with the children and let you know on next week’s newsletter.

Christmas week next week

Every class throughout school has worked their socks off this year. They have been extremely hardworking and we intend to give them a few Christmas treats next week including some Christmas films, outside Christmas games (instead of the usual parties) and some Christmas themes to lunches. Santa has passed on his sacks of gifts for the children a few days early which we have quarantined and will send out next week.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

As the days become colder it would be lovely if you could create a little treat for the birds to eat. Please share what is in the menu for Robin, Goldfinch or House Sparrow in your garden.

Achievement Awards

Children who have reached Gold on the learning ladder this week:

Year 3 – Jessica Gorton, Ava Skidmore, Isobel Griffiths, Ryan Wells, Willow Armstrong-Miles

We would also like to apologise to Millie Mitchinson in reception who achieved Gold last week but was mistakenly missed off the newsletter.

Kindness champion – James Dunning and Annee Brown

Dates for your Diary