School Newsletter

Happy Christmas 2020 everyone! Welcome back Y5 AND Y6 It was great to welcome Y5 last week and then Y6 this week following the reduction in the isolation period. Y6 ambled in excitedly on Tuesday morning and have been able to enjoy more time learning how to use the ice skates than they’d thought previously get. I think more fun was to be had by having a good old mess around with the snow machine as well as playing music as loud as the speaker could go!

Our Cracking Christmas Continues…

Throughout the rest of school after completing some really thorough assessments last week, the classes have been
enjoying a wealth of celebratory end of term activities. From the wonderful nativity that was shared in the two reception bubbles, to the Christmas workbooks, the virtual panto key stage 2 watched, the party games on the yard class by class, the antics of all the class elves, the singing that has been shared on class facebook pages, as well as the sharing of Christmas wishes and hopes and aspirations. Within the confines of Covid we have had a great deal of fun, and our children seem to have thrived on the many nice things that have taken place. We were even able to get those who were isolating/testing last week to get to visit Santa who popped back into school on Thursday to catch the Y6 class!

The nativity mini plays from reception really melted our hearts and we watched them in assembly. Their sweet singing and confident actions were beautiful to watch. Well done early years – you were all amazing and I know families loved seeing you on their screens.

Lily’s card

We were delighted to receive a copy of Lily’s card that won the Christmas card competition for Ian Levy MP which is here. Well done Lily – I know that your description of taking inspiration from Matisse was really impressive when Ian asked you. And I can see why – the collage options were bright, colourful and very Christmassy!

And finally…

It’s been a funny old year we all know, but I have to finish the last newsletter of 2020 with an almighty shout out to all the CVPS community, especially our staff team. They have upheld the Covid measures, in a way that reassured the children throughout school that the new normal is not better or worst than the old. They smile daily as they welcome the children, managing all the usual as well as the new. They have supported the children, their families,
one another, and myself with care and concern, that has at times been priceless and very much appreciated. I hope they all take time for themselves as well as their families this Christmas as the holiday time this year is so much more welcome than ever before. It’s been a tough tough call this year for us all.

Thank you to you all as families in our school too. We really couldn’t have sustained the school to stay open with only 2 weeks lost in 2 classes, without your vigilance. The overwhelming compliance with the Covid guidance and parental commitment to help us sustain strong practices. We really do understand the inconvenience of the staggered start times, the one way systems, the parking arrangements, the book bag arrangements, non-cash payments, masks, social distancing, phone consultations, restrictions on bringing things in – the list really is endless but we thank each and every one of you for helping us to get it as right as it could be. The governors and leaders in school have all felt very well supported during some difficult times and we recognise that we have never felt so appreciated by
parents and carers with your kind words, kind deeds and thoughtful checks on situations.

We will take as many positives as we can from 2020, but we will also look forward to 2021 as a hopeful return to normality later in the year, so we can be more joyful, carefree and sociable. Enjoy a safe and Happy Christmas everyone and a more prosperous and enjoyable 2021.

Covid Update

A reminder that we have been asked to track and trace any positive test results on children from CVPS until Christmas Eve. Please contact the school phone by texting 07445 998690 if a child receives a positive test. You do not need to inform school if others in the family have a positive test.

January Covid reminder!

Prior to returning back to school please ensure that if your child has a cough, high temperature, or loss of taste/smell that they secure a negative Covid test to ensure they are safe to return. We have been met with responses
such as “I know it isn’t Covid, they’re fine.” but this is not enough. We are not compliant with our risk assessment if children with symptoms do not have a negative test result so we cannot allow them to attend school without one.

We will need to be especially vigilant in the new year after households have had extra opportunities to mix, as we anticipate an increase in positive cases.

We now have a small stock of home test kits for those without access to transport which we will give out to those who need them.

Test for staff at primary schools

We were delighted to read that the staff in primary schools will be able to access weekly testing from February. We’ll keep you updated about this but it means we will not struggle as much with staff isolation periods enabling us to keep staffing levels at better levels for longer.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YN 91%(0)
  • Y3 99%(1)
  • YR 96%(5)
  • Y4 99%(1)
  • Y1 98%(2)
  • Y5 97%(4)
  • Y2 100%(2)
  • Y6 98%(0)

Well done to Y2 this week for excellent attendance.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

Take a Christmassy walk with your family and collect three special things TPS add to our nature collection at school.

Achievement Awards

Children who have reached Gold on the learning ladder this week:

  • Year 3 – Maddison Fyfe and Daisy Harvey
  • Year 6 – Tallula Dowden

Kindness Champion – Elizabeth Rutherford

Dates for your Diary