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Celebration week next week!

Covid update

The national position on reopening to all pupils in school has been set as a somewhat hopeful 8th March. This is an ambition which is reliant on data in relation to Covid tests and hospitalisations as well as the vaccination programme. We’re told that this time we will be given 2 weeks notice to be able to prepare fully for full classes again.

Lateral Flow device tests

We now have all staff Covid testing twice weekly to seek out any asymptomatic cases in the team. We are also really pleased to see that in Eastfield – the electoral ward the school sits in, we are now down to only 7 positive test results in the past week. It’s still important that we continue with the whole ‘Hands, Face, Space’ routine, but encouraging to see it is having a positive impact on the number of new cases. Thank you to everyone for following guidelines in and around school.

It’s not all bad news…Covid

We are really pleased to share that Ashleigh applied for a Covid grant for text books for Maths and was successful. So we are ordering £2680 worth of new Maths text books! We can’t wait to get them in place for support. Also we welcomed Abbey Telford to CVPS as our new academic mentor for Mathematics which is funded by the government. Abbey has already started delivering some virtual tutorials to those children in our ‘catch up’ programmes and has a full timetable!

Covid Update

With so much to manage, at home, at work and at school its been a tricky few weeks this third lockdown. To lift spirits in the school community I’d like to create some opportunities to celebrate one another this coming week. The staff at CVPS have been constantly encouraged by some great work from the children, helpful support from adults (logging onto different teaching platforms) and I’ve admired everyone’s determination (staff, children and families) as they move towards more face to face teaching methods.

So I wonder if we can take a bit of time next week to celebrate one another – at home and at school.

Adult celebrations

Can we use class Facebook pages for messages between adults to celebrate children’s achievements, but also to celebrate some of the many achievements that you are proud of in your own homes/workplaces as well as in school. Obviously what you share is public to other parents, so you may want to remember this if posting anything personal! If you do not have a facebook account and would like us to post something onto the class pages please email us on

Celebration feedback from the children

We’d like children in Y3 to Y6 to use Google classroom to be able to think of what we have been impressed by, encouraged with or grateful about.

Thank you to everyone for keeping our school community going. I’ve found this past week especially hard and know that many of you will be struggling too. The lack of certainty, concerns about the unknown, and physical isolation from social events is really tricky for all of us to manage. For me, the kindness of people this week and last week has been really uplifting – kind words have really meant a lot.

I’d like to share out the uplifting experience into our school community as much as possible. So let us know as a parent how proud you are of your children, your partner or other family members on Facebook! And we’ll see if children can share some of their appreciation for their families (and maybe even teachers) too. Let’s spend some time celebrating the good that we are seeing!

I’ll share some of the best ones in our newsletter next week! Happy celebrating!

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

It’s time for the RSPB bird watch weekend! This weekend I would like you to go on a nature walk with your family and look for different types of birds. Record your findings and report to Happy birdwatching!

Achievement Awards

Dates for your Diary