School Newsletter

We have been moved to tears this week by the phenomenally insightful comments from our school community celebrating what has been positive in lockdown. Thank you all so much for taking time to celebrate! I have included as much as we have up to now at the end of this newsletter, and we will be adding to these comments next week, so if you haven’t had a chance yet to celebrate your child or family members/ school staff, please send something in for next week. The feedback has been so uplifting that we’d like to continue it next week too.

In school we have been developing a bit more finesse with our live lessons across Key Stage 2 and I even started assemblies online this week. The youngest children in school are having a live meet where they can have a game or just chat to their teacher to be able to engage with one another as a team. Across school these sessions have had a hugely positive impact on everyone’s mental health as they have loved seeing one another again. Their smiles and excitement has been great to see.

The time delays when presenting on screens is definitely something to get used to so thank you to everyone for being so patient. It was really emotional for me hearing everyone at home joining in to say good morning this morning. Fridays from now on we’ll try Achievement Assembly as a live lesson at 9am and other assemblies will start from 9am on Wednesday and Thursday morning next week. Thanks to everyone for making the effort to be get online as a whole school community as it really has been an encouragement to those of us who are missing spending time with the children.

Here you can see the Gorton and Manson families who shared some nice photos of the children they’re so proud of. Read on to find out why. We also have Max Edington’s
graphic design tortoise…and Willow Reay’s ‘eggsperiment’. Well done Y6 for all the interesting uploads onto Google classroom this week.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

To coincide with Children’s Mental Health Week I would like you to go on a walk around your local area and find a place to stop and reflect for a few minutes. Think about the sounds that you can hear and what is happening around you. You could then go home and draw what you heard.

Covid updates

Northumberland data dashboard tells us that up to 2 days ago there were a total of 39 positive Covid tests in the Cramlington wards which have a total of around 30,000 people. This equates to roughly 130 cases per 100000. We really hope the downward trends continue so that we can start to feel safer in our community.

Children’s Mental Health week

We are delighted that Gemma Sutton is our mental health champion and has just enrolled for her Thrive training. She is also keen to work towards a recently announced accreditation programme so we can be recognised for the tremendous amount of positive strategies we have in place for mental health at CVPS. We are especially conscious of some of the struggles some children have experienced as part of the recent lockdown. Please don’t hesitate to let your child’s teacher know if you have any concerns that school can support you with in terms of children’s mental health.

Funny things said by children …

In Y3 they were doing some assessments this week. One of the children was given an estimation question. “Jo thinks there were 100 people in breakfast club this morning. Do you agree?” Answer: No it’s too many – you can’t have that many in breakfast club. It seems we have well and truly got the message of social distancing across!

Achievement Awards

Children who have achieved gold in the Learning Ladder this week

Reception – Ralph Shipley

Year 3 – Leon Redshaw, Willow Armstrong-Miles, Joseph Clasper, Eliza Hill

Kindness champion – Sienna Thirlwell

Dates for your Diary

Celebration feedback …