School Newsletter

‘Snow’ Exciting! This week we had the perfect antidote to any winter blues as the snow came down and actually lay thick on the ground around school. I was able to cancel lessons across home learning as well as in school to allow plenty of time for the children to get outside and enjoy the snow before it melted!

Huge thank you to Chef Lynn for warming us up with her hot chocolate at school. I was amazed at some of the creative snowmen that were sent over from home alongside those seen at school.

We set a bit of a creative snowman competition this week. The one that I thought deserved a prize, showed a lot of the spirit of CVPS as the ‘Snowy Owl’ creation – which you can see here from Finlay Shore-Miller in Y1. There were obviously not only links with our nature-themed learning, but also with the local area as lots of us liked to visit the Snowy Owl local!

Well done Finley!

During children’s mental health week we have been talking about celebrating individuality and encouraging the children to ‘express’ themselves.

Staff arrangements in Early Years

As some of you know, we have been sending cards, good wishes, and positive thoughts to Laura Dunn who usually leads our Early Years Team while she recovers from Covid. Laura is slowly but surely feeling better and we want her to take as much time as she needs to get back to full health. We aren’t expecting Laura to return to school next half term other than possibly as part of a phased return. We will let you know who her replacement will be next half term when we confirm that at the start of the first week back.

Over the past few weeks we have welcomed Alice Sutton as a trainee teacher (who also has delivered supply cover to us previously) and we have Rachael Dunn as our new Higher Level Assistant Teacher in nursery. We are grateful for Lisa Brown and Ashleigh Galloway for their support as senior teachers, coming into the EYFS, and I will discuss the reopening plans with this team when we return from half term. We will let families know how we will welcome the children back when we reopen to all pupils (hopefully on March 8th) in a parent bulletin at the start of the first week back (1st March). I have learned that we can’t plan too far ahead these days as we all know ‘things can change!’

Bye Bye Amanda

I’m so sad that Amanda has decided that the time is right for her to hang up her CVPS wellies (!) and so this was her last week at CVPS. Amanda Milligan joined our school in September 2017 as a SENCO working two days a week. She subsequently became a highly valued member of our team and was promoted to vice principal in the summer of 2018. Amanda has very kindly agreed to continue some of the SEND responsibilities for individual children who are in the middle of applications for support or EHCP reviews, and she will do this on a consultancy basis rather than as an employed member of CVPS. Amanda leaves a huge legacy and will be missed by many, but we hope that she will return to say in-person goodbyes to the children as well as to any families once the lockdown eases and she can visit each class personally. The whole CVPS team and I thank Amanda for her expertise over the past few years and wish her all the very best for the future. We hope our paths will cross at some point again!

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

We have enjoyed lots of snow this week! I would like you to use the snow and any natural materials you can find to make an animal. Post us a picture and we will guess what it is.

Covid update

Two important messages this week. If your child receives a positive Covid test over the coming week (relating to symptoms that develop over Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th Feb), please inform me on the school mobile phone 07432 534 059. I will need to act as the track and trace route for those children who have been in school on
Thursday and Friday this week in contact with any children.

School reopening timetable

As things stand now we are expecting to return to school on Monday the 1st March for the children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils only.

Full re-opening of CVPS

The Prime Minister informed us in January that the intended dates for schools to re-open for the rest of the children will be Monday the 8th March. I will be monitoring the news closely during the holidays and if there are any changes to these plans I will inform families on the class facebook pages and emails will be sent to the email
addresses for families on our database.

Achievement Awards

Myon Millionaire Readers – Eeva Tudor, Kevin Kilpatrick and Samuel Gorton

Kindness champions – Isabelle Aitchison, Ellah Parker and Lola Welford

Gold celebration – Eleanor Aplin, Leon Redshaw

Celebrations from KS1 and EYFS

Anabelle Lister’s mum

I’d like to celebrate Anabelle for concentrating hard on her home schooling. She has a lot of distractions at home including a younger sister who wants to play with her and a baby. She is also doing a lot of her work independently as I can’t spend all my time sitting with her. I’m very proud of her Mammy.

Avie Morrow

I choose daddy because he helps me. He works very hard so we can have holidays and nice things. He also makes me better when I feel sad.

Caileigh Rutherford’s parents

We would like to celebrate Elizabeth and Caileigh (and of course their big brother Alexander too!) for showing amazing resilience and positivity despite all the challenges we are facing at the moment. Their understanding and acceptance of the situation we are in has been instrumental in us as a family remaining hopeful and positive during this time. Missing out on our usual Christmas & New Year celebration in Norway was one of the biggest disappointments of 2020 but we celebrated with our Norwegian family remotely via Skype instead. We cannot wait until we can see friends and family again.

Henry Taylor’s parents

We would like to celebrate Henry as during this lockdown he has had to work from home while dad was away working and mam was working from home for the NHS with Covid
patients who can at times need a lot of help and can be emergency situations, he just took it all in his stride while he listens to mam make phone calls to ambulance services to help people who need it most. He has had face to face interventions and has done amazingly well doing them via video calls with Danielle, but its not the same as one to one face to face. We would also like to celebrate how hard Danielle and Amy are working making sure he gets the support he needs, and all of their hard work throughout this lockdown. We are super proud of the progress he has made and continues to make each day. This lockdown Henry hasn’t seen anyone else other than mam dad and his big brother due to us as a family having to be extra safe and shielding! Henry has just been getting on with it and smashing it at all of his work! We are proud of how he is growing and becoming more of an amazing kind and caring little boy.

Isla Ord

I would like to celebrate granda. He built his own house. He has worked very hard and it looks very good.

Lily Morgan-Derby

I choose mammy because everytime we go to the shop she lets me buy sweets. She lets me get a toy if I have enough money. She always helps me and is always there for me. When i’m sad my mam makes me happy.

Max Morrison

I would like to celebrate myself because I have been working really hard from home and my mam and dad have helped me to use the computer.

Rowan Burton

I would like to celebrate the scientists for giving medicine to us so we don’t get the covid.

Filip Urbanczyk’s parents

I am so proud of my son Filip. During lock down he improved his both languages, because he is bilingual child. He look after his sister with care during morning routine. Also Filip during lock down he learn a lots stuff from DIY maintenance from his Dad. The best think is he always helps with smile on the face. Every day he is more independent. I totally understand how hard for him is not visit his Polish family 🙁

Lily Morgan-Derby’s mum

I want to celebrate Lily with doing amazing during lockdown with her homework and adjusting to new life, as she’s missed seeing her friends and swimming and going out to see the rest of her family.

Harry Judd’s mum

Celebration – We would like to celebrate Harry. Throughout this very difficult time when all his school friends have been at home due to lockdown, Harry has continued to attend school and fun club everyday, with a smile on his face. I would also like to celebrate his teachers too Amy and Danielle for all their hard work during this difficult time. Harry has developed so well in school and as family we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Finlay Shore-Miller’s mum

Celebration of Finlay- I am celebrating Finlay because of the way he has handled life in ‘lockdown’. He has not only had to deal with losing his school life and his social life with all of his lovely and important friends, but he has had to deal with losing his (great- grandmother) ‘granny’ and learning that his incredible Auntie Helen (great- Auntie) had also sadly passed away. Finlay has also had a house move thrown into the mix! Finlay has stepped up and become an incredible Big brother to Bailey and this too is a challenge at times having to share mummy and dad with him but he has shone so brightly and made our hearts burst with pride. He is an incredible role model to his baby brother and we can tell already that Bailey aspires to be just like him! We could not wish for a better reason to Celebrate Finlay.

Luke Russell

Luke: I have been proud of my parents because they have been kind to me in lockdown. My Mam and Dad have been helping me with my school work.

Elliot Hopkinson

I’m proud of Elliott H for trying hard with his school work on mondays and getting up with a smile getting ready for school tue_fri x

Lily Norman

James Dunning

Just a quick message to let you know how proud we are of James. James has really been struggling with this 3rd lockdown. His cousins and grandfather live in
Scotland and he hasn’t seen them since last July. This has been really hard as we are a very close family and would never normally go this long without a visit. As well as missing his friends from school he has also struggled with home schooling and as a family we have had some tough times. We are so very proud of hard he is trying and this week in particular he has tried so hard. Even with the excitement of snow, he has balanced playing outside with completing the tasks set by Louise. He helps us too by playing so patiently and caringly with his 2y old brother William, even though he admits that sometimes “he’s a bit annoying”! He’s made it to the last day of term and we are very proud of all he has achieved. At last it is time for a well-earned break. Thank you to all the CVPS staff. Rest hard.

Logan Singer’s Mum

I’m proud of how resilient & accepting Logan is of the current situation. He just gets on with things.

Freya Brady and Louis Mum

I would like to tell Louis and Freya how proud Mammy is if them for being so resilient during these surreal times. Louis im so proud that you have attended school in order to make sure he keeps ontop of his school work and never complaining when he can’t play out with his friends in order to stay safe at home and also not complaining about Mam having to attempt a DIY haircut yesterday WELL DONE SON Mam is super proud. And also I am so so proud of Freya for getting on with her work at home with Mammy and even doing extra handwriting and maths tasks that mammy sets. You have also been so helpful helping mammy baking and also helping with tasks around the house. Mam is super proud of you both.

Abbie Griffiths Mum

I’m super proud of Abbie and her big sister Isobel for being so loving and making my birthday extra special this week. They surprised me with beautiful home made cards and decorated the living room with lots of pretty pictures.

Millie Mitchinson

We are super proud of Millie and her brother Jack for just getting on with everything and remaining so positive and always looking forward to after the bug and all the fun things they are going to do with family and friends.

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