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Bill hooks, fire and gold, gold and more gold!

Across school there’s a real air of excitement as our children continue to inspire us with their positive attitudes to learning. In Y5 Ashveer moved onto gold celebration by 8.50 one morning! This was the result of excellent homework completion, sound TT Rockstars and really focussed reading work! And across school we had some discussion work during one of our remote assemblies learning about kindness and vocabulary and descriptors of what it means to be kind with some examples shared by the children. We also saw some random acts of kindness offered by some children at another school as we are planning something similar for next half term.

During forest school the children have been hard at work on their badges. With “our World’ badge incorporating a lot of geography fieldwork such as map reading, orienteering and identifying the points of the compass they are well underway with achieving their badges later this term.

Learning the ‘respect’ position in front of the preparation of fires, and playing safely with our Brownie the pig are also large aspects of the Animal Welfare Badge that the children are working towards. This involves learning about what types of food the children need to provide for the animals and the importance of giving them lots of stimulation – which is especially important for our pigs. And our newly hatched chicks are no longer tiny after just two weeks! They are now sprouting feathers and becoming busier and busier in their pens.

Our reading challenges are really taking centre stage for the vast majority of children. They are becoming more and more interested and engaged in reading. Thank you so much for all the encouragements that you are giving at home to ensure this happens. We are so pleased as reading at home really does make a huge difference to children’s progress as well as to their interest in reading as they grow and develop to be ready for the future.

Covid Update

We have taken the decision as a school that from Monday 7th June we will no longer require families to
wear face masks outside when dropping off or collecting their children. This alongside a few other minor changes to practices will be reviewed by our governors and the revised risk assessment will be added to the school website by the end of May. More easing of restrictions is great news for us all. Hurray to be  able to have our tea out somewhere on special occasions from next Monday!
However we are still tasked with the responsibility of sending home any child if they present at school with a cough, high temperature or loss of taste and smell. These are all symptoms of Covid. Please don’t tell your children to hold a cough in, not to tell us they’ve been coughing or to lie to us about who has been
coughing at home! (These situations have all happened!) It’s unfair to the children and puts the rest of the
school community at risk until the affected person receives a negative PCR Covid test. 

Thankfully the Covid rates in the community are exceptionally low. We know that coughs are likely to be viral, laryngitis or even hay fever related but if it is a new and persistent cough children can only return to school when a negative PCR test is received. Lateral Flow Device Tests are insufficient if you or your child have symptoms. 

A huge thank you to all those families who patiently organise tests and who have been diligent to get these sorted as quickly as possible. Please believe us that the disruption of sending a child home is the last thing we want to do too!

The Big Ask

Our children throughout school will be given an opportunity to take part in the national children’s survey next week at school. This is a national programme led by the Children’s Commissioner who was recently appointed.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

We’ve noticed an abundance of dandelions and daisies in our school field recently. It would be lovely if you could find some in your local area, pick a small bunch and tie some string around them. You could give them to someone you care about and make them smile.


Achievement Awards

Kindness champions

Jaxon Gunnell and Anne Brown


Children achieving gold celebration on the learning ladder this week

Y2 – James; Y3 – Maisie M, Sienna; Y4 – Eeva; Y5 – Ashveer


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