School newsletter

A new roof, picnic, trip to York, Woodhorn Colliery and a crime scene … it must be our first week back!

Exciting Plans!

We have had an amazing first week with our exciting whole school theme of ‘Who Do We Think We Are? Each class participated in something very exciting on their first day back to launch the topic:

  • Nursery: Children have enjoyed their first visits this week to school. They have all been so happy and keen to explore their new environment and begin to make new friends.
  • Reception: The children had a fantastic teddy bears picnic with Paddington Bear. The children had a busy first day at school making their own shortbread biscuits and fruit salad in preparation for the picnic. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and join in with our Paddington bear quiz!
  • Year 1/2: Children travelled to York railway museum and took part in an interactive workshop all about the Stephenson Rocket. They loved joining in with all of the actions. They looked around the different trains and learned about their various parts. A head teacher from another school commented on how well they all behaved and presented themselves. Well done!
  • Year 3/4: Children experienced coal mining life at Woodhorn Colliery in Ashington. They discovered the Coal town, looked around the site and were inspired to get creative with their art work in the Pitman Painter exhibition. They then met the directors of the BANKS open cast mining site at Northumberlandia and took part in a question and answer
    session. How exciting!
  • Year 5/6: Children stepped into a crime scene on their first day back as they were told an iPad had been stolen over the summer. They managed to call in the professionals to help them dust for fingerprints, analyse hair samples, create tyre impressions, facial e-fits and even got to wear their own suits to investigate the scene properly!

New roof and heating works

I’m sure you have all noticed our shiny new roof! The roofing team have worked really hard to get the majority of the works completed in just four weeks. There have also been some additional works done on our heating system which means come the winter we will be very dry and very warm! Hurrah!

School menu

Please note that school menus will soon be available on the school website. Some parents have requested a copy to avoid feeding their children the same meals for tea!!

REMINDER: Celebration event 25th November (SAVE THE DATE!)

Next half term is a momentous occasion as we celebrate the school’s 5th birthday! We have a full school across all year groups for the first time, and we have much to celebrate. With this in mind we will be working towards a whole school celebration activity on Saturday the 25th November, and we hope that everyone in the school community will save the date and become fully involved in our plans.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • YR – 97%
  • Y1 – 100%
  • Y1/2 – 98%
  • Y3 – 98.7%
  • Y4 – 100%
  • Y5 – 94.4%
  • Y6 – 98.9%

Congratulations to Y1 and Y4 who win extra playtime this week!

Facebook pages

All parents wishing to access their child’s class Facebook pages must complete the volunteer agreement. This outlines the school code of conduct about use of the pages. The class Facebook accounts are not for individual complaints, more for questions and queries about school policies and procedures, and it’s always great to hear positive feedback via Facebook too.

Any concerns about school practice should be directed to your child’s class teacher, or assistant teacher in the first instance in line with the school complaints policy which is available on the school website. Some parents have now been invited to Facebook but have not yet accepted. Please check your ‘junk’ folders for an invite.


Children from year 1 will receive a spelling booklet on Monday which will set out the spellings which they need to learn for the half term. These need be brought into school everyday in book bags. Children will receive a spelling test each Friday on the weekly spellings. Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


It’s been wonderful to see all the children looking so smart in their uniform this week, however there are still some children who do not have the correct PE or Forest school kit. Please refer to the Uniform Policy on the website or speak to the teacher if you are unsure about the correct clothing. We would like to remind parents that earrings are not part of school uniform and must be taken out. Plastic ‘spacers’ are available from the office.

Achievements this week