Special Educational Need or Disability (S.E.N.D.)

At Cramlington Village Primary School, we aim to provide all pupils, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, home language, family background, gender or ability, equal access to all aspects of school life and work to ensure that every child is valued fully as an individual. As role models at CVPS, we are aware of the influence of adults in promoting positive attitudes and we use that influence to challenge stereotypical views.

A special educational need or disability (SEND) can often be noticed in the Early Years for the first time if pupils struggle to achieve age related expectations. Cramlington Village Primary School adheres to the DFE’s Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of SEND. We strongly believe that children identified with additional educational needs should access appropriate provision as soon as is possible.

Our practice promotes early identification as this is beneficial for the child, and is in line with the ethos promoted by the Every Child Matters framework. The key objective of our policy is to identify and assess children with special educational needs as early as possible. This means that children can then receive the best intervention necessary to meet their needs. In turn they can reach their full potential.

Please see information in the files below about our provision for children with SEND.

Our local offer describes how staff at CVPS support children and families who may need additional support or who have Special Education Needs or Disabilities (SEND). Our Autumn 2016 Information Report gives information on the performance of children with SEN in CVPS.

Click here to view Northumberland’s local offer to find out more information about provision for a child with SEND.