Shool Newsletter

Getting back to a bit of normality!

The school council returns!

Our avid school council members have diligently attended throughout lockdown using some creative remote communications ably led by Allison Morton. This week and last they ventured into the large space created by the hall to meet socially distanced as a whole team once again. They have been discussing the ways that we can improve our eco ratings and come up with the need for some new bins for the fruit and veg that gets thrown away at the end of every playtime. So now we have some new bins which are now added to the compost each day. Alongside new labels for our existing bin systems they’re doing a great job of making our school a better place to be. Thanks so much to the team!

E Safety reminders at school

I have spoken to some of the Y6 children this week about inappropriate use of social media. The minimum age for children using WhatsApp is 16 years old. The minimum age for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok is 13 years of age. If children of primary age are using these platforms, we
will be periodically reporting them as they are underage. The themes, language and risks to primary aged pupils are hugely inappropriate and I would advise families to have close access to their children’s accounts, mobile phones and devices to monitor what is taking place. Ms Koratzitis and I were made aware of some of the screen shots from some of the children, which were an absolute eye opener to us. I have reminded the children that even if they delete posts they have made, they are
unable to delete a screen shot and some of their contributions whether made in jest or not are in social media forever when they post. There is a lot of additional support for families to take on board in terms of monitoring the use of social media on the CEOP site on

The internet is a powerful tool that can unlock the world for us, but we must all be aware of the damage and upset it can cause when used the wrong way. As well as this we have become very aware
recently in school of the unkindness some of the children can show to one another. Please let us know if you become aware of inappropriate messages between the children not only for us to chastise the perpetrators and support any victims but to continue to reinforce how they can all keep themselves safe online.

SEND Inspection of Northumberland County Council

The local authority have asked us to inform parents that they are being inspected by Ofsted
and the Care Quality Commission on their Special Educational Needs offer. This does not
relate to the provision in school. It relates to the processes and approaches to those families
who have sought additional help through the special educational needs offer that the local
authority deliver. Most of our families are aware of this when we seek consent from them to
seek additional support, guidance, funding and assessment from the various different
services via Northumberland County Council. If you would like to respond or feedback to the
inspection team I have attached a letter to this with details on how to do so.

Parent governor vacancy

As an academy under the free school agenda, we are managed by a highly professional
team of governors who support and challenge myself and the school exceptionally well. As
we are increasing in size as a school there is an additional opportunity for one more parent
governor to be added to the governing body. The majority of meetings take place around
early evenings and there are around 2 meetings every half term that most governors are
involved with alongside additional reading, and training available to support your expertise in
governance. We oversee the budgetary position, staffing and premises issues as well as the
educational and social and emotional needs of the children. If you would like to be involved
and considered for the parent governor role please let a member of staff or myself know and
we can chat a bit more about it with you.

Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Ben Makavu

Children achieving gold this week

YR – Freya Brady, Francesca Page; Heidi Ord, Y1 – Lily Morgan-Derby, Y2 – Avraj Singh, Jack Nicholson,
Liam Mann, Y5 – Katherine Doris

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

We have been discussing how bees make a huge impact on our lives – even if we don’t
realise it. It would be great if your child could find out some facts about bees and bring them
to Forest School next week. We are going to share some bee bombs next week to help our

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