The curriculum at CVPS school consists of all the learning experiences that we organise and facilitate, in order to maximise learning potential and to ensure that pupils work towards achieving their best outcome both academically and socially.

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We offer a curriculum which is broad, balanced and differentiated in recognition of each pupil’s individual learning style in order to remove or reduce barriers to learning, whatever these may be. Our curriculum continually evolves through our Real Planning system to make sure that it is broad and balanced and reflects the interests and needs of all our pupils.

The curriculum consists of a range of activities and experiences that the school organises, in order to promote learning and is far more extensive than the lessons that are taught each day. Potential to learn starts as soon as pupils arrive at school each morning – our curriculum concerns itself not only with what is to be taught but how it is to be taught. Staff recognise and value the holistic needs of our pupils and strive to work in partnership with parents and other professionals to ensure that the wider needs of both pupils and their families are addressed.

Creating a culture where pupils know that they are valued is key to delivering an effective curriculum. Pupils learn from how others respect and care for them, each other and the
environment. We strongly believe that children learn through inspirational first-hand and predominantly practical experiences including the use of our forest school area.

Our vision is that all children will go on to lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives as a result of their time with us. We truly believe in ‘empowering everyone to achieve’.