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Learning at CVPS the fun way!

We have been so impressed by the exciting things taking place around school this week with pilates in early years and Y1 and some amazingly creative artwork in Y4 when learning about the Kapok Tree and in Y2 using recycled materials. It was a coincidence that the first heart transplant used a genetically modified pig’s heart this week, while Y6 dissected pigs’ hearts as part of their science topic. While some of our older classes remain slightly subdued compared to normal after last week’s sad news, the children have been throwing themselves into what’s been offered, with staff ensuring there is the full offer available. I’m very proud of them all, and of the staff for offering such great opportunities.

As part of our usual monitoring programme, this week and next I’m spending time visiting classes first hand to see what’s been going on, reviewing children’s learning and engagement. It’s always a privilege to see the fantastic care and education on offer and lovely to see the positive relationships throughout school between the staff and children.

Please don’t hesitate to ask to speak to your child’s class teacher if there is anything that causes you concern particularly while we continue to grieve as a school. Your children’s wellbeing is important to us, and we are passionate about getting it right for every child. I wish families could join me in my unannounced visits to see the fantastic things happening in classrooms, as I know some children might not remember to let you all know!

COVID Update

A huge thank you to all families who are testing using the lateral flow tests. This has been really helpful to stem the spread of Covid this past week. We are pleased to hear that the isolation period reduces next week. The office team will keep you updated with the latest legislation to update you when your child can return to school and we have been coordinating transport and one to one escorts to school for children who test negative when a family member is positive. Please keep us updated. Lateral flow test kits are readily available for those who need it at local pharmacies and can be ordered online to be sent to you too.

We are aware that rates of Covid in the community continue to soar and we would advise all families to take part in regular lateral flow tests as the current variant has relatively light symptoms and is often asymptomatic. Our Y1 class currently has an outbreak so please be watchful.


Paul’s Outdoor Idea

This week’s idea links to the RSPB Big Garden Watch between 28th and 30th January (more information can be found here )

Over the next few weeks in Year 1 we will be repurposing some plastic bottles and other material to make bird feeders. I thought would be a nice activity for us all to take part in across School. There are a few options for you, but here is a basic one from a bottle.

You will need a plastic bottle, clean milk bottles and yoghurt pots, wire and string, bird seed and scissors.


Step by step guide:

1. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle large enough to allow a free flow of seeds, but in such a way that it won’t all fall out on the ground in the slightest puff of wind and won’t get wet if it rains.
2. Make a few small holes in the bottom of your feeder to allow any rainwater to drain away.
3. Hang it with wire, or even strong string from a tree or your washing line.
4. If your feeder stats to wear out or the food goes mouldy, recycle it and make another one!


Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Luke Russell
Swimmer of the week – Jacob Roper
Gold celebration – Lacey Fyfe


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School Newsletter

The Saddest Day

We restarted the term with some lovely things happening during the week at school, and I have shared lots of photos here below and on the class facebook pages. There’s been great joy shared from the children as they came together again after the festive break. KS1 visited the beach and the Aquarium and Y5/6 welcomed OASES (Outdoor And Sustainability Education Specialists). This team inspired the children about how to save the world by being kinder to our natural environment. And early years children now know about ‘Sprout’s Celebration’ as they learn how to recycle.

However a shock wave went through school at the end of the week as we learned on Thursday about the untimely and sudden death of our lovely Y4 pupil Lyla Ives. As I shared in my letter on Thursday, Lyla was kind, compassionate, considerate and popular in the local community as she played out with friends across lots of year groups. She was happy go lucky, always liked to do the right thing and she has left an indelible print on our hearts.

At CVPS we feel the school is an extended family to us all and we are so devastated to lose one of our own – we ask that families let us know if their child needs additional bereavement support over and above what is offered particularly for those children in Y4. The Y4 class will be supported and monitored closely in terms of their social and emotional needs over coming weeks and Gemma as our Thrive Coordinator will visit regularly and stay in close contact with staff.

We plan to make sure that the children continue to receive as much normality as possible, and at the right time we will talk to Lyla’s family and ask our children to plan some ideas of how we can best remember this special little girl who we will miss so much.

We have collated a batch of useful website links here where you can find out more about how to support your child at home with the most difficult conversations about the loss of a close friend or loved one.

COVID Update

New Isolation rules

Since Wednesday 22 December, the 10 day self-isolation period for people who record a positive PCR
test result for COVID-19 has been reduced to 7 days in most circumstances, unless you cannot test for any reason. Individuals may now take LFD tests on day 6 and day 7 of their self-isolation period. Those who receive two negative test results are no longer required to complete 10 full days of selfisolation. The first test must be taken no earlier than day 6 of the self-isolation period and tests must be taken 24 hours
apart. This also applies to children under 5, with LFD testing at parental or guardian discretion.

If both these test results are negative, and you do not have a high temperature, you may end your self-isolation after the second negative test result and return to your education or childcare setting from day 7.


Padlet: Managing Bereavements and Loss in Northumberland Schools (
Winston’s Wish: Winston’s Wish – giving hope to grieving children
Anna Freud: Dealing with loss and bereavement | Grief and Loss guide for young
people | Anna Freud Centre
Cruz Bereavement: Supporting children and young people – Cruse Bereavement

Paul’s Outdoor Idea

Happy New Year to you all. This week’s activity involves our senses and looking around our environment. On your travels, to and from school this week, I would love you to record what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste (be careful with taste!)

Examples, tree, leaves, sun, apples

As always we would love to see your efforts on Facebook or feel free to bring into school too
– thank you.


Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Ryan Wells (Y4)
Gold celebration: Anabelle Lister


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School Newsletter

Merry Christmas!

As a school we were delighted to come together once again this Christmas for our traditional Carol Service at St Nicholas Church. The children sang their hearts out whether it was about Rudolph, Jingle Bells or Silent Night.

Tuned instruments are really difficult to play but the children were amazing – with their trumpets in Y4, recorders in Y5, ukuleles in Y6 and keyboards in Y3. Each of these instruments presents its own challenges, we were so grateful that the children entered into it with such enthusiasm, despite some of their nerves.

Thank you so much for your support, especially with regard to the Covid controls, we all look forward to a time when things are in a better place but were proud of the school community and grateful to the church for hosting us!

COVID Update

We enjoyed a wonderful time at St Nicholas Church this week with traditional carols as well as seeing and hearing a bit of what the children have learned this term.

Thank you so much for the support and patience shown – as we were able to implement all the Covid guidelines linked to our risk assessment. We have worked closely with the local Health Protection Team throughout the pandemic and they praised the thorough manner in which we had implemented control measures at this event – similar to previous feedback from them.

While we’re sad as a staff team that we couldn’t have the whole school together, we were so pleased that we were able to visit the church and offer it as an opportunity for our children.

We have reviewed the risk assessment for January 2022 and we are watchful of the national and local position. Messages are clear that challenges will continue next year. The CVPS team will meet those challenges with sensible common sense responses that balance the need for our children to have regularity and high quality learning experiences alongside a responsible attitude that protects those in school and the wider community.


We partied on down…

Children’s parties in school saw an array of different games, special lunchtime ‘party’ food and lots of Christmas jumpers from those who wanted to wear them!

The yelps of excitement as they disco danced were great to hear – and once again – we separated the hall so that classes weren’t mixing! The school funds always support Santa to be able to gift something special – and individual or class presents are chosen by staff.

This year class hamsters – went to two of the classes! We’re hoping they are same sex hamsters!

Panto extravaganza

The children’s faces were a picture of joy – when they visited the Theatre Royal in Newcastle this week for the Snow White Pantomime. They were so excited (and tired) when they returned but had a brilliant time!

‘Is there time to save the world in 2022?’

We’re delighted to be able to let you know that our theme/topic next term throughout school is led by the overarching question, “Is there time to Save the World?’ The children have shared a lot of interest about the recent COP26 and their deep connection with nature as part of our forest school delivery means they are all very passionate about climate change and what they can do to impact on it. We’re excited about our learning plan for next half term, that involves the following:

EYFS What is pollution and recycling? What happens at home and who is ‘Recycle Michael’ before moving onto pollution in the seas.

Y1/2 Is there time to save our seas? A focus on the effects of pollution in our local sea life with a visit to the Aquarium at Tynemouth, key stories: Captain Green and the Plastic Scene and Alba the Hundred Year Old Fish.

Y3/4 are embarking on the nationally recognised Eco Award and pollution and climate change in Cramlington as a focus with a visit to the Local Wetlands and the Cramlington Nature Reserve.

Y5/6 are looking at natural disasters and the global impact of pollution and climate change – finishing with an inter-school debate about it in April at the end of the term.

Christmas wishes…

2022 will be a new start to a new year and we look forward to continuing the CVPS learning journey with you as our family partners. I wish you all a peaceful and safe festive break and look forward to hearing the children’s holiday news when we return to school on Tuesday the 4th January at 8.30am.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Paul’s outdoor idea

With Christmas around the corner it is important to make sure that you still get yourself outside and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors. Over the holidays we would love to see you out and about enjoying yourselves. Inspired by the Wildlife Trust’s 12 days wild you could:

1. Watch the sunrise and / or sunset
2. Take your breakfast and sit outside to eat
3. Hug a tree – it is amazing the benefits of connecting with nature
4. Read an outdoor book, poem or magazine
5. Sign up to #12dayswild – have a go at some of the more exciting activities


Achievement Awards

Gold celebration children: Y5 – Jessica Dack

Kindness champions – Theia Black and Jake Younger


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School Newsletter

More music for Y5/6, in Edinburgh this time!

After 18 months of restrictions we have missed the usual inspiration from the engaging learning expeditions we have enjoyed previously. So it was with great excitement that we took the Y5/Y6 children away to Edinburgh. We visited the National Museum (‘This is incredible!’) followed by a theatre visit to see a live performance of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite by the Scottish National Ballet. ‘Magical, phenomenal
and spectacular!’ were the words the children used to describe the full sensory experience it offered. To be able to see and hear a live orchestra is a fantastic experience with the different dynamics of sound – the crescendo of music impacted on us all and the crash of the cymbals just before the glitter confetti was released gave everyone a fright that they’ll remember forever! Combining orchestral music with the beauty of the story, the costumes and the skill and strength of both male and female ballet dancers all contributed to the children (and adults) being mesmerised.

Around the rest of school Christmas has definitely started – with classes learning about the Christmas  story, creating Christmas wreaths in forest school and continuing their singing practice for our forthcoming carol service.

COVID Update

Changes to reception start and finish times

As mentioned last week we really appreciate the reception class joining our whole school assemblies by starting earlier at the usual non-Covid school times. Please wait at the gate outside school until 8.30 am when the reception doors open. They will close at 8.40am promptly to start the school day.

We are continuing with the plan for our Carol Services on 14th December with control measures already incorporated as part of our usual risk assessments. 

Reception class, Y1 and Y2 will welcome families from 1.15pm at St Nicholas Church.

For those families with siblings who stay for the KS2 service, the younger siblings will sit with school staff until the end to allow families the opportunity to give the older siblings their full attention!
KS2 parents will be invited in from 2.15pm for the 2.30 starting time.

Please remember, only one family member per family per service. Unfortunately due to Covid control  measures we cannot accommodate siblings under school age on this occasion.

Early Reading audit

We were delighted to welcome in a team of reading experts from the Regional English Hub who were
able to affirm our early reading and phonics teaching, giving us a few additional pointers to refine it even further. Nationally there has been a huge move towards strengthening a love of reading, focusing predominantly on allocating books that all children can read. This means that developing ‘fluency’ of reading text in books is valued to give children a real sense of achievement as well as understanding. For this reason the national approach is to read and re-read the same text so children understand the story inside out and are successful in reading it. Please let your class teacher know if you need additional ideas to be able to support this approach at home.


Family Christmas lunches

Mon 6th Dec 11.30-12.30 Nursery, Reception
Tues 7th Dec 11.30 – 12.30 Y3 and Y4
Weds 8th Dec 11.30 – 12.30 Y1 and Y2
Thurs 9th Dec 11.45 – 12.45 Y5 and Y6

We’re really excited to be able to welcome families into school for the highly popular Family Christmas Lunches next week. Please arrive at school at 11.30am in time for your lunch so we can seat you all and start the festive fun. If you can save any embarrassment by paying in advance on Parent Pay this will ensure the school office let you past into the hall without chasing you for money! These events have attracted a visiting adult for every child, be it a parent, grandparent or family friend. Please remember that in the event of the adult having any Covid symptoms please let us know and we will make sure there is a member of the school team to sit with your child if you cannot find a replacement at short notice.

Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

A special well done to Year 5 and Year 6 this week for getting to school so promptly for the Edinburgh visit yesterday.
Punctuality across school has been poor this week, with three classes into double figures for the number of late instances. I have also had a few children tell me that they haven’t gone to bed until 1am! A good nights sleep before school is so important and enables the children to have a better start to the day. At the moment we aren’t expecting any snow next week, but it is set to be very cold so please make sure the children are wearing warm coats with hats and gloves as necessary.

I would like the children to think of one thing they will do for the next two weeks that will help them to be at school on time everyday. It could be something like setting an alarm for the time you need to leave the house or making sure they are in bed at a certain time each night.

Paul’s outdoor idea

Frozen decorations. As the weather is definitely turning wintery and the frost and freezing temperatures are here – I thought this week we could go outside and collect leaves and twigs and remaining flowers and make some frozen decorations.

You will need an old container or baking tray (6 hole). You place your outside items in it and then place water into the tray. You will also need to place a ribbon or string in the water to hang the decoration. If there is cold weather due leave them out overnight or you can pop them in your freezer. The frozen decoration will be ready and can be hung out until the weather warms it through. Don’t forget to post a picture on your class Facebook page too.

Achievement Awards

Children achieving gold this week – Y2 Avie Morrow Y3 Carter Merrett and Sienna
Thirlwell, Y6 Carl Vallance
Swimmer of the week – Kieran Leck
Kindness champions – Leon Redshaw and Eden Makavu

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School Newsletter

Our Fantastic musical journey to The Sage!

Thursday saw us taking 150 children into Newcastle to enjoy seeing Fenwick’s window (Shaun the Sheep) and to take in the sights of the Quayside bridges before going to The Sage, Gateshead for a guided tour. The children once again received compliments about their outstanding behaviour, and they were all very excited to be out and about on one of our learning expeditions again.

Y3 and Y4 were bowled over by the ‘Music through the Ages’ exhibition, before joining Y1, Y2 and Y5 at The Sage.

Susan and Stephen from The Sage’s school visit team hosted us brilliantly (despite us being the first school in since restrictions eased). She was adept at describing the acoustics, the costs, the design and the experiences of musicians and performers. The children visited two of the performance halls, and went back stage, visited the green room, saw the ‘decagon’ shaped Hall 2 and sat in the auditorium as well as standing on the stage. The Northern Sinfonia’s music was really moving and we were so impressed with their playing.

There were some tired little ones on the bus on the way home and I know some tired big ones will have slept well last night too! Well done Team CVPS – it was a great day all round!

COVID Update

Covid rates continue to be scarce in school and thankfully this has meant that our attendance figures are starting to become more positive.

We have had notice of two positive cases from children in school and both cases were not likely to have been caught from within school. Please continue to be vigilant – we really appreciate it.

School opening times for Reception

At long last we feel the time has come to normalise the start time for the reception class back to 8.30am. We will call families forward to the gate once the older children are all in, to minimise congestion. We hope this will allow all families with more than one sibling at CVPS to be able to now drop off both children simultaneously. Thank you all so so much for accommodating the staggered start times. It has significantly reduced the congestion in school.

Reception children will be finishing at 2.30 now they are starting at 8.30 daily. They will also now be able to regularly join our whole school assemblies.









And back at school Y6 whittled in forest school and there were exciting things with snow and Christmas themes starting to emerge in early years this week…yes the C preparations are definitely fully in flow now. We even have the school Christmas trees up on Friday!

Early reading changes in EYFS and KS1

We launched some exciting new changes to the early reading plans at CVPS on Friday in assembly with the children. There was a huge new order of reading books that arrived this week which we were able to show them. We have revised our reading for the youngest children in school and parents will receive a separate letter outlining the new approaches. The aim is not for the children to race through the schemes, but to explore the pictures, vocabulary, words and understand the books they have at home, at a different depth to what we are seeing currently. We look forward to working with families on this journey and will be sending out some regular updates over the first few weeks with hints and tips about how to support this new reading approach.

Staffing update

We are excited to be able to let you know that Sarah Koratzitis will return to us in a promoted position of Vice Principal and English Coordinator after February half term in 2022. Sarah will be non class based this year but will work in all classes. The team are very excited to welcome her back and staff and children were over the moon when we shared the news with them.

Parent governor roles

We have three parents who have expressed an interest in the parent governor roles. We will share information with all families next week about their skills and interests and why they wish to be a parent governor at CVPS to allow candidates to be offered out for parents to elect. The closing date for the election will be Friday the 3rd December.

DfE Uniform guidance

All schools have received updates about the merits of keeping uniform costs reasonable to families. This is something at CVPS that we have always borne in mind when making decisions about uniform. Some schools rack up a whopping £900 worth of uniform for pupils. At CVPS we do expect all pupils to wear a logo for their sweatshirt or school blazers and to purchase a forest school hoodie, book bag and water bottle. This is to promote a sense of belonging to the school and to help with the practicalities of managing hygiene related issues for water bottles. While we do not have an expectation for branding for other items in school the school funds do receive a slight commission from the branded items you buy (such as polo shirts and PE kit) but this subsidises the many learning expeditions we undertake meaning that everyone gets some of that back in a small way throughout the year.

Make up and nail varnish

As a general reminder we have explained to the children that make up is not permissible in school including nail varnish and for safety reasons we ask that you always have ‘spacers’ for any children with pierced ears. As a general rule all our children are very well presented – again – we received compliments from members of the public today about our children’s presentation. (When they didn’t have their high vis jackets on!) A huge thank you for supporting our uniform policy.

Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

The holiday season is upon us! With visits to Fenwicks window this week and the exciting addition of some decorations in School, the children (and staff!) have really started to get into the spirit. Although I’m sure that some Christmas lists have already started to be written, spending time with loved ones and spreading joy is just as important.

Here are some ideas to spend time with loved ones whilst getting into the Christmas spirit.

Watch a Christmas movie, sing carols, visit family members, go and see some Christmas lights, play some family games, make your own Christmas cards.

Paul’s outdoor idea

This week I would like you to make a teepee using sticks, wool, cardboard, a glue gun, scissors, pen or pencil and battery tea lights. First take five sticks roughly the same length and some small balls of coloured wool. Tie three sticks together and spread them out around a circle shape to work out the size of cardboard base you need, a cup or a glass might help. Cut out your cardboard circle and cut five notches around the edges making sure to leave a wider gap between two of them for the entrance (wide enough to get a battery operated tea light inside) using a glue gun glue the three sticks not the notches you cut out of the circle. Glue the remaining sticks in place before tying the wool around them. Keep tying the wool tightly around the sticks until you are just below the join of the two sticks that form the opening of the teepee. Keep going until you have wrapped the whole teepee.

Achievement Awards

Children achieving gold this week
YR – Will Allen, Eleanor Aplin, Charlie Thirlwell and Theia Black, Y3 – Avraj Singh and Oakley Taylor

Swimmer of the week – Lola Welford
Kindness champions – Miles Straker, Archie Chambers, Megan Finlay and Maryam Kodirova


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School Newsletter

Picking up pace with painting, podcasts, and pat-a-cake making!

Update on the Zambezi Sunrise Trust

On Thursday in assembly we welcomed John Gillette from the Zambezi Sunrise Trust – a charity that we have supported and sponsored which has resulted in a fantastic new classroom fully funded by CVPS in Zambia, known as the Cramlington Classroom. John updated us on the recent developments in the school. We were excited to hear that
they have added two year groups onto their primary so that it now serves secondary aged pupils.

Beccy Owen our musician in residence this half term continued her work, this time with Y1 and Y2 and this will continue every Wednesday as she works across this term with all classes. We loved seeing the children’s joy when she sang with them.

And governor ‘face to face’ visits have restarted after lockdown restrictions eased with an opportunity for governors to see the children in classes and talk to staff about their plans and challenges. The governors then complete written reports that feed back to the staff and the governing body about their findings. This time around they commented positively on our key activities that link to our school development plans.

The post Covid challenges we face as a school align very closely to national scenarios which is reassuring. A regular dialogue this year (and last) also reflects on general staff wellbeing which is highlighted regularly as part of our school discussions and we commit a lot of time to this in our annual plan for staff meetings.

Nursery children have been baking and painting and even our teachers were training this week in school as you can see from our photos.

Virtual visits continue!

We are still making use of virtual support when we can and Y4 learned from a real live podcaster and local
journalist, Ian Wylie via a virtual platform. Ian shared what he does in his professional role and talked to the pupils about key insights into what makes a great podcast. He particularly liked the question that asked him whether there was anything you shouldn’t put into a podcast!


COVID Update

It’s been great to see the Covid rates in Cramlington reducing although still very high. Thankfully we have had no live cases reported in school this week or last which suggests that it’s on the wane – thankfully. We are still vigilant though so apologies if your child has the usual coughs and colds from this time of year and we have requested that they seek a PCR.

We are applying the criteria for PCR testing uniformly across school with the consideration that one day off to check a PCR by one child is preferable to a large number of children being impacted with a ten day
isolation period as a result of having allowed attendance by pupils with unconfirmed Covid.

The school nurse and the local health protection teams have advised us about the following symptoms being present with the predominant variant in school. This includes : headaches, runny noses and sore  throats, as well as the standard cough, high temperature and loss of taste/smell. Thankfully PCRs results currently are returned within 9-10 hours.


Christmas is around the corner

We have been so pleased to hear the sound of school singing as the children practise for the Carol services. It was sorely missed last year when we weren’t meant to sing together in the hall! Remember to check the diary dates at the bottom of this newsletter to confirm times for each class going up to the church for their Christmas Carol Service.

Nursery Nativity

Our nursery children will be video-recording their version of the nativity in-house this year to share with families as a keepsake. Previous years tell us that they find the scrutiny of proud family at the church really overwhelming which has led to tears and tiredness! The children will have pride of place in our reception class next year when they become the heroes of the nativity!

Parent governor vacancy

A final reminder for our parent governor vacancy for anyone interested in being involved in the running of the school. This involves being available to meet two or three evenings every half term and pop into  school once a term to review an area linked to the school development plan. Meetings are generally timetabled a year in advance and last around 60-90 minutes. At the moment they are on Tuesdays and
are online. If you are interested in contributing to the smooth running of the school in this way please let me know and I can share a bit more about the requirements of the role. We are especially keen to attract people who have an interest in finance and education at the moment. If there is more than one person interested we will hold a vote. The closing date is Friday the 26th November at 5pm. Please email the info
account on for more information or to arrange a chat. Thank you to those who have expressed interest already.

School Council

School council has met again this week and Lyla Ives has shared her highlights of why she’s enjoying being the school council representative this year: ‘In the meeting today it was suggested that we ask children their favourite school lunch so we can check if everyone likes a lot things on the menu. Jess and Miah were finishing (painting the letters) the Buddy Stop sign for outside. I’m most excited about having everyone back together. Also making sure the litter pickers are being used and my cake idea for lunchtime!!’

This week we’ve been excited to hear that Katie Russell has been chosen to play a part in the pantomime. She recently auditioned to be a dancer in the Tynemouth Priory Theatre panto Sleeping Beauty and was successfully chosen to be 1 of the 10 dancers. She will be performing in 11 shows starting on 7th January 2022. She is super excited as this will be her first time performing in a pantomime. Well Done Katie! We are super proud of you!

Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Hope Centre Services – The Hope Centre have been in touch to give us an update on the services they can provide to families. The Hope Centre is able to help with food parcels, school uniform and baby equipment. Over the Christmas period they are also helping families with gifts for children. All of their services are completely confidential, free of charge and available to families who have been referred by school. If you would like some more information about this service or feel that you would benefit from a referral, then please get in touch. You can contact me
confidentially via email –

Paul’s outdoor idea

This week I would like you to make a mud face, a nice thick consistency is best so don’t add too much water. Mix the mud and water with a stick or spoon, then use your hands to squash the mud ‘dough’ together. Stick to a tree, wall or the floor and use stones, sticks, leaves or petals for the eyes, mouth, nose and hair. Don’t forget to upload your pictures of your creations
onto the class Facebook pages.

Achievement Awards

Children achieving gold this week
Y2 – Anabelle Lister, Y3 – Elliott Hopkinson,
Y5 – AJ Jefferson, Jacob Roper and Zara Wallace
Swimmer of the week – Katherine Doris
Kindness champion – Jack Mitchinson


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School Newsletter

Cooking, remembering and more musical stories.

Throughout school there has been an air of busy-ness as all classes crack on with their learning with great gusto. Y1 has been baking, storytelling and creating all week with great enthusiasm and enjoyment as you can see from the photos above as Lacey grins from ear to ear! In Y2 the children made good use of their Forest School afternoon to identify the range of different objects outside that were alive or dead!

And we were so grateful in Y5 to Nicole Weatheritt’s 94 year old grandma Iris Weatheritt who puts us all to shame with her creative skills as she knitted 31 poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day! The children in Y5 and across the rest of school spent time this week thinking about those who gave their lives in the name of freedom both now and in years gone by. Thanks Iris – we really appreciated the poppies!

Our early years children continue to thrive with lots of exciting activities including their ‘tinker trays’, and creative ‘splurges’ this week with lots of focussed storytelling work.

COVID Update

Covid Contingency

We have reverted back to
‘business as usual’ with regard to attendance and we are no longer implementing our Covid Contingency Framework. This means that siblings do not need to isolate and that we are now back to our usual high expectations of attendance.

Huge huge thank you to all staff and parents who have supported our efforts to minimise the risk of spreading Covid by staying off to seek PCRs when they develop symptoms and for isolating siblings when there are positive cases in the family home. We really really appreciate that each and every one of us in our school communities have benefited from this joined up approach acknowledging the challenges that it brings.

We are however back to the usual attendance expectations. Letters will be sent out next week to notify parents of children who have had attendance below national levels and to clarify what support and guidance we can offer in school to support good attendance and punctuality.


Get well soon Laura!

We were sad to hear that our EYFS Coordinator has been in hospital this week and although she has now been discharged we want to all wish her lots of love while she recovers at home. Get well soon Laura – we miss you!

What’s our musical story?

Beccy Owen started her research with us this week and interviewed three classes in KS2 to find out what they know and can do with music at CVPS.
They sang with Beccy and talked about why they think our school is distinctive and unique. They told her about our singing prayer we sing before we eat lunch and about things they enjoy singing during the day.

We can’t wait to see her again next week. Beccy wants to set up an opportunity for families and parents to give feedback to her too so we are keen to hear from anyone who enjoys singing and would like to take part in contributing! Please let your child’s class teacher know if that’s you!

Harvest collection

It’s the last week next week for harvest festival donations which we are sending to the local food bank. Please bring any donations into school and the children can bring it to the front office and put it onto the donation table. Thanks so much to the generosity of everyone involved.

Parent governor vacancy

We have a parent governor vacancy for anyone interested in being involved in the running of the school. This involves being available to meet two or three evenings every half term and pop into school once a term to review an area linked to the school development plan. Meetings are generally timetabled a year in advance and last around 60-90 minutes. At the moment they are on Tuesdays and are online. If you are interested in contributing to the smooth running of the school in this way please let me know and I can share a bit more about the requirements of the role. We are especially keen to attract people who have an interest in finance and education at the moment. If there is more than one person interested we will hold a vote. The closing date is Friday the 26th November at 5pm. Please email the info account on for more information or to arrange a chat.

Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Attendance – attendance levels, particularly at this time of year, can be affected by illness such as sickness and tummy bugs. We would encourage parents / carers to send their children to school wherever possible. It is essential that all absences are reported to the school office as soon as possible and ideally before 8.30am. If we do not hear from you, the office staff will be in contact to establish the reason for the absence. If they are unable to make contact and you do not provide a reason for absence, it will be marked as unauthorised.

If you feel you would like support from school with your child’s attendance, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
There are lots of exciting things happening in school leading up to Christmas that I am sure the children will not want to miss out on!


Paul’s outdoor idea

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday where we remember those that have served our country during wars both past and present.

I thought this week when you are out and about about you could make a poppy design or a silhouette of a soldier and send in the pictures to the Facebook pages. Alternatively you could send a photo of you with a poppy enjoying the outdoors.


Achievement Awards

Swimmer of the week – Ashveer Singh

Kindness champion – Amelia Nicholson


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School Newsletter

Triptastic plans for Christmas (Oh yes there are!)

We have been looking to the future at CVPS and are so pleased that we can now consider Christmas 2021 as an ‘almost normal experience’.

Following last year’s restrictions we really missed all the usual CVPS Christmas traditions, so we have been inspired to make sure the children enjoy a fabulous Christmas this year. We have already booked some amazing activities and planned some lovely experiences as you can see below:

Y2, Y3, Y4 are off to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Thursday the 16th December. They will need to be collected later than usual after school – times to be confirmed.

Y5, Y6 are off to see Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, performed by the Scottish National Ballet in Edinburgh on Thursday 2nd December.

EYFS and Y1 are off to see the pantomime at Whitley Bay which also happens to be Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

While the school is heavily subsidising these visits we are asking for a £15 contribution from families for the Edinburgh visit, and a £10 contribution for the local pantomimes.

COVID Update

I would like to encourage any adults who have not yet received two vaccines to sign up for them. Covid rates are still very high locally.

We continue to apply all our usual hygiene measures including handwashing, hand sanitising and extra  leaning of touch points throughout school.

Our planned trips are subject to additional risk assessments as we use coaches and public transport to get  to the venues. Please be assured that we are now very vigilant about referencing and preparing for  Covid control measures on our ‘learning expeditions’ in addition to the usual. All risk assessments are  signed off manually by all staff attending a trip, as well as by any volunteers who come along. Parents are  welcome to receive copies if they wish.

Parent consultations Weds 10th December

In response to family and staff requests our usual parent consultation opportunity has been extended to an 8 minute slot per child for next Weds. Time slots have been released now for your child’s class teacher or the Higher Level Assistant Teacher in class if your child’s class has one. Please book your slots early to get the best choice. Staff will contact parents who have not made a booking by the end of Monday next week to fill in the remaining slots.


Huge well done to Erin Wraith for coming first in a horse riding competition. Erin explained to assembly this morning how she had to canter and ride over jumps in the outdoor ring before being awarded the rosette for first prize. Keep sending in the children’s achievements as we love to hear what they are up to outside of school.

In Y3 and in Y1 we see the children hard at work in class – more from Y4 and Y5 next week!


Christmas Carols at St Nicholas Church

We’d also like to remind families about the Christmas Carol Service that we have planned at St Nicholas Church on Tuesday the 14th December in the afternoon.

1.30-2.30pm EYFS, Y1, Y2                                                            2.30-3.30pm Y3-Y6

We have space for one adult to visit each service. We would like to respectfully request that younger siblings do not come to the service – similar to this year’s sports day arrangement so please make separate arrangements for that hour. School aged siblings from the first service will be cared for in church during KS2 service. All children from the first carol service can be taken home with families at the end of the service should they wish.

PE clubs and specialists

It’s not only our cultural offer that’s been getting some attention – we now have our plans for a host of PE specialists coming into school as you can see from the table below.

Trip to the Sage Gateshead

We are combining a visit to Sage Gateshead with a visit to the Baltic or The Discovery Museum on Thursday the 25th November. This visit will be fully subsidised by school funds but written consent will be required for children to attend.

CVPS Family Christmas Lunch

Back by popular demand, the very special family Christmas lunch event! Each child is able to invite one special adult of their choice to come to school for a special two course Christmas dinner, with turkey and all the usual trimmings. (dietary requirements catered for!) We have reduced the overall numbers in the hall on these days, spreading out the dates throughout the week as follows:

Monday 6th December – 11.30-12.30 Nursery and Reception
Tuesday 7th December – 11.30-12.30 Y3 and Y4
Wednesday 8th December – 11.30-12.30 Y1 and Y2
Thursday 9th December – 11.45-12.45 Y5 and Y6 (please note later time)
Christmas dinner tickets are £5 per adult and will be added onto Parent Pay for you to book. Children pay their usual for their meal that day.

Children (and adults) can wear a Christmas jumper to their Christmas dinner day!

Get ready to say ‘Cheese!’

We have booked in Tempest – our usual school photographer for those who are keen to have the usual Christmas stocking fillers, for Friday the 26th November. This session is for children currently attending CVPS only and siblings cannot be brought in as we’ve done previously.

We have been assured that children who order promptly will be able to get the photos returned in time for Christmas. We have also booked them in for next year so that the current Y6 leavers get the chance to buy a perfectly-posed whole class photo! Get ready to say ‘Cheese’!

Car park and outdoor news

A few months ago I explained that we were applying for planning consent to refurbish the car park and provide a lot of new outdoor gym equipment and a running track in the school field. We now have planning consent and will be starting the new work in the new year! After ten years we have the final piece of the outside space moving towards completion giving me not only a lesson in patience, but also giving the children a fabulous active space to enjoy alongside the creativity of forest school!

Family Support Worker Amy’s update

Why is punctuality so important?

We strongly believe that all children should have access to a good education as it provides a great start in life. To ensure children have an equal chance of accessing our engaging curriculum, it is important that they are attending school regularly and punctually. Arriving on time sets the children up for a great start to the day and puts them in a positive frame of mind for their learning.

Top tips for getting to school on time

  • • A good night time routine to make sure the children aren’t too tired for school
  • • Get to know your child’s timetable – work together to make sure they have everything ready the night before
  • • Do homework in the evening rather than the morning
  • • A good breakfast to set the children up for the day

In the coming weeks I will be setting up parent workshops or drop ins to discuss attendance and punctuality. So if there is anything you would like a hand with then let me know!

Amy – Family Support Worker

Paul’s outdoor idea

Firstly, may I thank you for all the effort that went into the nature frame over half term – I was very impressed with those posted on Facebook and those that came into School as well, so well done.

This week’s idea is a fun activity when you are out and about and was inspired by Greg James and his Radio One breakfast show. He set his listeners a challenge – the leaves are falling (especially in the stronger winds of last week). When you are out and about if a leaf is dropping your challenge is to try and catch a leaf off a tree before it hits the ground. Enjoy yourself and make sure you stay safe.

Achievement Awards

  • Kindness champion – Olivia Hamilton
  • Children achieving gold this week – Y1 – Leah Home

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School Newsletter

Happy Half Term!

A bit more normality returned to school this week as we had less staff and children absent. I’ve been hugely inspired by the pupil progress meetings that have taken place with class teachers throughout school. Children have completed work both in books, and in usual assessments which supports really pleasing progress despite all the attendance challenges for both staff and children. The dedication and commitment of our team is second to none and your children inspire us to dig deep when things in school have been tough. Once again I’m exceptionally proud of the children’s progress throughout school.

COVID Update

Covid rates in the local community continue to be high and we still have more cases at school than any  time previously, around 12 -14 cases overall between Y5, Y2 and this week in reception.

We continue to be grateful to families for isolating siblings who have not yet had Covid when the first person in the household tests positive. This has significantly reduced the spread in classes – especially in younger age groups where the children are less aware of social distancing. Thank you.

A reminder to everyone that sadly we don’t have capacity to allocate homework and online learning to pupils who are absent or ill for anything other than school ‘approved’ Covid related absences. We hope you understand that this is to allow us to protect teacher workload while our staffing levels are less than they should be, and to support family understanding of the importance of attendance at school. The DfE have recently issued reminders to  schools about protecting attendance at school. It’s a really tricky balance to get right and we are working hard to reinforce the commitment to full school attendance as much as possible.

Statutory bodies are very focussed that children should be learning in school when they can and we are trying to ensure our school approach aligns with this 

Academic mentor

As part of the national tutoring programme we have brought in an academic mentor for English and are delighted to welcome back Kirsten Swales for this role in school. (Some of you may remember Kirsten as she was the nursery teacher previously known as Kirsten Hurst). Kirsten is married now and a Mum – congratulations! She is initially working across early years and Y1 as a support for our ‘catch up’ programme.

Back to normal

It has been wonderful to see the impact on the children since starting whole school assemblies in the hall and we are excited that despite the local Covid outbreak we are on track to continue assemblies in this  ay for next term, welcoming the reception class in with the rest of school is aways wonderful to have the whole school community altogether.

Harvest collection

Please send in any donations for harvest next half term which we are sending to the Centre for Hope. The usual list for collections is here and we ask that you try and send in specific items such as: Cereal, Soup, Pasta, Rice, Tinned tomatoes/ pasta sauce, Lentils, beans and  pulses, Tinned meat, Tinned vegetables, Tea/coffee, Tinned fruit, Biscuits, Fruit juice. There is also a need for basic toiletries and sanitary products.

Wonderful Reading!

Huge congratulations to both Reception class as well as Y4 and Y6 who have achieved much higher rates of reading at home! Keep it up over the half term!

Parent consultations

We have designated the parent consultations for Weds the 10th November using the online system we used last term as we are still conscious of high community Covid rates. Please book your slots early when you receive the link especially if you struggle with your availability. Teachers have asked to increase the time slots to allow slightly more time per student. As always if you have any concerns about your child’s
progress please let us know at any time. We are happy to make time to discuss concerns and want to be on hand to help as and when it’s needed.

Paul’s outdoor idea

As we approach half term I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and work on the outdoor ideas. Over the half term I would love you to get out and about and collect natural material, leaves, nuts, berries and even interesting stones and create ‘natural frames’. You will need a frame or to make a frame from cardboard and attach your natural materials to the frame.

Have a look at the link

We would love to see your creations on the class Facebook pages or in school after half term. Have fun!

Happy half term everyone! We hope you enjoy a good break, stay safe with Halloween and bonfire celebrations, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back into school on Monday the 1st November at the usual time.

Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Ayman Allvendi;  Swimmer of the week – Regin McMullen
Children achieving goldYN – Jacob Ray, YR – Polly Ross, Tilly Merrett, Y1 – Safiya Kodirova, Joseph
Gorton, Y5 – Reece Hopkinson, Y6 – Katie Russell (not reported last week), Isabelle Aitchison, Ellah Parker, Kieran Leck, Louis Archbold

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School Newsletter

Firefighter assembly interrupted by 999!

One of the highlights of this week was a visit to Thursday’s assembly by the local firefighting team. We were really looking forward to hear from Glenn and the team about how important Bonfire Safety is, and how to stay safe in the autumn. What we didn’t expect was that the firefighters would get a call out at 8.50am right in the middle of their assembly!

Thankfully they left us their slides, and returned a bit later. We were able to learn all about the importance of staying safe around fireworks and how organised events are safer. We also reminded ourselves about the CVPS forest school fire safety rules such as the ‘respect’ position, allowing us to ‘jump back’. Firefighter Glenn explained to us all about his firefighting role and what sort of things he does to help people.

School attendance and sickness

It has been a horrendous week for school in terms of sickness and absences. We have had sickness and diarrhoea illnesses, flu type symptoms (after negative Covid PCRs) and a larger number of Covid positive cases particularly throughout Y5 and Y2. And it hasn’t just been children – as we had one day with 6 (or 20%) of our staff off school poorly too. No-one is more passionate about learning than our staff team, but with teachers off as well as admin staff and assistant teachers, we have really struggled to put up as much of the usual remote learning as we would have liked and it has been a challenge just getting through each day. We are hopeful that these seasonal infections will ease off and we hope that we can get back to normal as soon as possible. Thank you so much for supporting the school’s sickness policy and being patient with us this week.

COVID Update

Covid rates in the community continue to rise and Cramlington now tops the leader board in Northumberland. There are 995 cases per 100,000 in Cramlington West!
We have had 4 confirmed cases of Covid in Y2 and the same in Y5. Both classes are now working to the Covid Contingency plan as listed on our website.

A huge thank you to all the families who have kept children who are ‘close contacts’ of positive test outcomes at home for remote learning for the 3-5 day incubation period. It has been an absolute godsend as some have actually tested positive subsequently which has meant that we have limited the spread of this disruptive virus. We really appreciate this and know it has not always been easy.

PCR testing

The quickest way to get back to normal if your child has any of the Covid symptoms (including the main three as well as other milder ones) is to seek an appointment online at the local drive through test centre where results are coming back in some cases less than 12 hours from the test.
If you do not have a car – please ask school for one AS SOON AS YOUR CHILD IS SENT HOME. The PCRs which are home test kits take 3-5 days which means less time at school which I know is not popular with both children and their parents!

Harvest, Christmas and our very own School Song!

As explained above, the past two weeks we have found it incredibly challenging in school to sustain the usual routines and so I have taken the really difficult decision that we will not go ahead with our usual Harvest celebrations this year but instead we will collect donations after half term for the local food banks.

However we have booked our usual Christmas Carol service at St Nicholas Church in December. Tuesday the 14th December we will hold our Christmas Carol service complete with nativity for the youngest children at St Nicholas Church in Cramlington Village. We are asking that the children have one adult per family per service. Reception and Year 1 and 2 will be from 1.30 to 2.30pm and then Y3, 4, 5 and 6 from 2.30 to 3.30pm. We ask that as difficult as it will be for you to come alone (without younger siblings) that you try as much as possible to do this. Please let a member of staff know if this is likely to present a problem as we are just trying to make live versions possible as restrictions ease. As far as we know most other local schools are doing recorded versions of the usual Christmas events so we are trying to push for face to face services, but to do so responsibly in terms of minimising Covid risks.

Beccy Owen is a musician, singer, songwriter, performer, producer, musical director and sound designer and she comes to us highly recommended as a ‘Musician in residence’ next half term as part of our ‘What’s our musical story?’ topic. We can’t wait to hear from her and meet her in person straight after half term.
We hope to be able to sing our first live version of our very own school song that we are recording and composing with Beccy at our Christmas Carol Service. We are so fortunate to have commissioned her for the next half term.


Reading successes

A special mention has to go to Reception children as 81% achieved their goal to read at home at least five times this week. We are so so proud of this as it will set you all up for some really strong progress in your reading. Huge well done to everyone – extra playtime for being the highest number of ‘5 times readers’ this week in Y3 – their cheer in assembly said it all! I have to say that the most improved has definitely been the Y1 class – who struggled just three weeks ago to get more than 40% of the class reading often. They too are now 71%. Well done to our youngest children in school and especially their families who are such important factors in successful readers!


Paul’s outdoor idea

Let’s think about numbers in nature this week and how we can combine Mathematics and Art with some outdoor fun. I would like you to choose a number and make that number in a creative way using natural materials you have found in your garden or surrounding area. My favourite numbers are 17 and 56 so I would love to see those numbers. You could use conkers, acorns or maybe some rocks or pebbles. Take a photo of your creation and let me see some on the class Facebook pages.


Achievement Awards


Kindness champion – Charlotte Murray; Swimmer of the week – Sieannah Nicholson
Children achieving goldYR (not reported last week) Theia Black, Charlie Thirlwell and Harrison Rowlandson, Y1 – Jensen Atkinson


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