School Newsletter

Our last half term begins!

The last half term is always busy with lots of nice things happening in and around school. And this one is no different. After the past two summers which have been disrupted by Covid, it’s been lovely to get all the old plans back into the diary.


School Newsletter

CVPS in Paris

To celebrate the end of their adventure at Cramlington Village Primary and to mark the end of their SATs, the year 6 class took off on their final adventure to Paris this week. We have already seen evidence of them reaching the heights of the Eiffel Tower, exploring the streets of Paris and eating lots of delicious food (we didn’t realise pizza was such a French delicacy!?)

We hope they enjoyed braving all the rides Disneyland had to offer and I’m sure families will be looking forward to seeing them return after a very busy few days. A huge thank you to all of the staff involved in keeping the children safe and happy on their travels.


Payment reminder for learning expeditions, residential visits and after-school clubs

Prompt payment for learning expeditions, residential visits and after-school clubs is kindly requested. Efficient payment enables us to plan for the fantastic opportunities we provide for our children. If you have any concerns about payment, please speak to a member of the office staff as soon as possible, thank you.

Reminder for book donations

Just a reminder that we are still accepting book donations to support the creation of our new library. We are looking for a range of good quality texts for a range of ages that are in a good condition. A huge thank you to the families who have already sent books in.



Family Support Worker – Amy’s update

We have noticed lots of lates this week. Even being 5 minutes late every day can add up to over 3 days of school. Please remember that gates open at 8:20 and close at 8:30 – thank you.

Warmer weather

As we all start to enjoy the warmer weather, please can we request that children come to school wearing appropriate suncream and bring sun hats if needed.

Year 5 tag rugby festival

This week, year 5 were the lucky class to be offered the opportunity to be able to visit Kingston Park Stadium to participate in a tag rugby festival. Children loved getting completely stuck-in and have the photos to prove it! Well done year 5 for being great ambassadors for our school.



Paul’s Outdoor Idea

World Bee Day : 20th May 2022


• The reason bees are so noisy is because they beat their wings 11,400 times in one minute!
• Only female bees can sting. Male bees don’t have stingers.
• Honey bees communicate through a series of dance moves.
• Bees can sense the hormone a human gives off when they’re scared. If they feel their hive is threatened, they’ll attack.

Activity : Create a bee based bug hotel
What you will need.
Empty food can (cleaned, label removed) Bamboo stakes of varying widths
Hand saw
Thin piece of wire
String (optional)


1. Using your ruler, measure the length of the can. It’s best to take a few millimetres off the measurement so that the bamboo will sit just inside the lip of the can.
2. Using your ruler and a pencil, mark out lengths on your bamboo stakes to fit. You will need quite a few to fill the can.
3. Once marked out, take your bamboo stakes and saw into measured lengths one at a time.
4. When you have finished cutting to size, collect all your lengths of bamboo and use a piece of wire to clear out any fibrous bits from inside each piece. This will create a hollow centre where the insects will live.
5. Once you have cleared out all the lengths of bamboo, place your can sideways on the table and start to stack the pieces of bamboo inside the can. Continue filling the can with bamboo until it is full, and the sticks are tightly packed in.
6. You now have your very own bug hotel! Decorate to make it look like a bee (see picture)
7. You can either use string and tie it on to a tree branch, or you can just place it in a nice sheltered spot in the garden. Be sure to pick a nice shady position so that your bugs don’t get too warm in their new home.
8. Now sit back, relax and wait for your new friends to move in.


Achievement Award

Kindness championsYN – Willow Burgess and Y3 Avraj Singh Swimmer of the week – Miah Taylor
Gold CelebrationsYR – Heidi Ord Y2 – Arthur Lamb Y3 – Avraj Singh


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School Newsletter

Robinwood adventurers return!

The Y4 children enjoyed conquering many of their fears and phobias at Robinwood activity centre this week as you will see from the photos! They built crates, swung from high swings and paddled canoe boats, as well as testing their archery skills. The most challenging aspect for nearly all of them is definitely being away from home – sometimes for the very first time. The night time ninjas at Robinwood supported a (mostly) calm evening time, and I think there was only one perceived ‘ghostly’ incident, that required Mrs Costello’s input!

As a result of the children’s amazing attitude to challenging themselves, Mrs Costello and Allison have decided to nominate some special awards instead of the usual this week…

Kaytee Banks – cooperation Eliza-Lily Blight – patience
Megan Finlay – responsibility Jessica Gorton – skills
Maison Lawson – resilience Miya Rowlandson – support
Amelia Nicholson – listening Ava Skidmore – communication
Kain Usher – encouragement Francesca Vivian – problem solving
Maxwell Wren – respect

Covid Vaccines for children

Government guidance states that it remains important that those most at risk from Cobid are protected with vaccinations. For more information check out the Education Hub on this link:

All parents of 5 to 11 and 12 to 15 year olds can book vaccinations on this link:

All parents should have received a letter directly from their GP surgery about how to source a vaccination for school aged children.


End of SATs in Y6

A huge well done to the Y6 team – including pupils, staff and families for sustaining such amazing attitudes and commitment to their learning this week. The test papers were under lock and key until the tests were taken, then have been couriered away to be marked. Staff were incredibly impressed by the positivity and maturity that everyone showed. As adults, we were most surprised that the papers were tough – probably as tough if not tougher than pre-Covid. It’s disappointing that no leniency was shown for the inconsistent teaching input as a result of Covid but we know we have pulled together throughout the past three years and could not have offered more. Even before the Y6 results I’m incredibly proud of all our team who have focussed unerringly on moving learning forward which is reflected across every class at CVPS. Congratulations all round!



We are continuing to test in Y2 getting through the 4 papers with chicken pox doing the rounds in the class has been a challenge! However again – the children have done exceptionally well to stay focussed and do their best. We are really pleased with the progress this class has made – well done Y2!

‘Mow less in May’

To support wildlife, we are taking part in the ‘mow less in May’ programme, allowing some of the wild flowers and wildlife to grow more! this gives lots of opportunity for us to host insects and allows our spaces to become more green and environmentally friendly!

So those green spaces are just being left indiscriminately – if you want to save on fuel, energy and time for a bit – you could do the same if you have a green space at home!

Thanks for superb book donations!

Huge thanks to Lucy in Y5 who has donated over 40 books for our new school library – which we are working on at the moment. You can see Lucy with her many books in the photo above!

Y5 video link with Zambia!

Y5 had a great call with their Zambezi Sunrise Trust partners in Zambia this week as they shared what’s been happening in our different parts of the world. There are always commonalities such as Covid, reading as well as differences in weather and we are so well resourced at CVPS in comparison to the funding of the school in Zambia. Huge thank you to Nicole who coordinates this valuable learning opportunity with John Gillette from Zambezi Sunrise Trust who is actually visiting our twin classroom this week!

Outdoor gym

In line with what seems to be becoming the norm – we now know that our new outdoor gym has been delayed due to steel supply issues. We are pestering the team regularly to move the order forward and hope it will be in place by the start of next half term!

Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Two classes with 100% is such a massive achievement! Well done Y6 and Y3. Massive well done to Y2 for no lates this week. The gates close at 8.30, so even a couple of minutes makes a big difference to the amount of lates. A good night of sleep is so important and helps us to get up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Paul’s Outdoor Idea

Next week is Walk to school week : 16th – 20th May.
We would like you to go out each and everyday and take a walk, whether it is around your local area or further afield (the beach, Plessey Woods or Northumberlandia are a few ideas)

Scavenger Hunt – while you are out and about how many of the following list of 12
items can you spot – if you can take a photo of them please send them in.

• A dog A butterfly A ladybird
• A duck Something smooth A squirrel
• Something yellow Something green A flower
• A postbox A street light A pebble


Achievement Rewards

Kindness championsY5 – Lucy Manson
Swimmer of the week – AJ Jefferson
Gold CelebrationsY1 – Freya Brady, Leigha Morgan, Francesca Page X 2, Nadia Al Haj
Moussa, Sofia Atzeni and Safiya Kodirova Y2 – Anabelle Lister, Jacob Collins and Isla Ord


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School Newsletter

Watch out, watch out, May’s about!

Our photos in this week’s newsletter show you the great opportunities that were shared between everyone on last Friday’s Book Look. A huge thank you to all the families who turned into school. There were only about 10-12 families overall in school who were unable to make it – and some of the children were really upset. If you would like to come and see your child’s books and you could not make it last week, or you forgot, please speak to your child’s teacher as we want all the children to have a chance to share the pride they have in their progress with someone special from home.

And the Y3/Y4 children’s learning expedition to Moat Brae went very well, as you can see from the delight and engagement the children showed in the photos. Behaviour as always was spectacular from the CVPS children and a special thank you to the staff team who made it possible. We are really looking forward to your inspiration being transferred into your theatre production!

TikTok – What is it? Is it safe?

TikTok is a video sharing social media app which lets users create, share and view user created videos. According to the TikTok terms and conditions, users have to be at least 13 years old. However, we are aware that some children in school are on the app or have access to the app on a family member’s device.

There are many different dangers associated with the app. Children may be viewing inappropriate content, can receive messages from strangers and could be putting themselves at risk by sharing personal details.

E-Safety is an important part of our curriculum in school, but it is important for children to be reminded of the dangers outside of school.

Safety tips for parents:

* talk about online dangers
* use privacy settings
* enable restricted mode
* explore and learn yourself
* report and block inappropriate content
* moderate screen time

May is the month in schools…for assessments, summer plans and at CVPS residentials!

May is the month when we complete statutory assessments in Y2 and Y6 and this week we have tried to complete Y2’s allowing them plenty of time later in the month in case of Covid absences. They have completed half of the papers so far, and will be doing the other half next week. They have absolutely tried their hardest and some have even said they enjoyed the brightly coloured papers! Keep up with the great attendance and early nights as they are due to complete two more papers next week! Well done so far Y2! results are shared after marking and moderation takes place in the June school reports.

And next week our Y6 pupils are so so ready to complete their sats papers. I’m incredibly proud of the way that they have shown such maturity during the preparation for this, especially since a somewhat disrupted start to the academic year with a change to their teacher. However the personal progress made by each and every member of the class has been superb and in our practices their progress has been outstanding. Bacon butties are back on the breakfast menu for Y6 from 8.15 next week, from Monday to Friday to give them a good start to the day. Every one of us wishes them the best of luck, and that they keep their heads with lots of options for mindfulness during the ‘real thing’!

And Y4 are set to head away first thing Monday morning for their residential at Robinwood! The children are all very excited about this and we know they’ll have a fantastic time.

With Y6 off to Paris the week after, (group passport confirmed!) it’s all a great range of memory-making experiences that we are really proud to have in place and we know they will all come back from that little bit more mature having been away from home.

SMART watches

We are aware that some children in school are wearing smart watches. These have been used in school as calculators, for recording and taking images. We have taken the decision that smart watches are not acceptable as part of the school uniform despite whether apps can be removed or not. Please do not allow your child to wear a smart watch to school. They are an additional unnecessary interruption and a barrier to effective learning that are best kept outside of school. A plain, inexpensive analogue watch is always a preferable option which has the added value of helping the children to learn how to tell the time!


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

WOOHOO! We have 4 classes with 99% this week – I can’t believe it! Then we have the other classes not very far behind. Amazing work. Big week for Y6 next week, so please make sure you are on time and ready for the day. I am sure you all will
be though as there are bacon sandwiches on offer!

Reminder – please remember that all absences need to be reported to the office as soon as possible with a reason provided. If the school office is closed, you are able to
leave a voicemail message that the admin team will pick up.

Paul’s Outdoor Idea

Happy Friday to everyone,
This week’s idea is to again get out and about and enjoy the fresh air. I have made an extra effort to get out this week especially with the lighter evenings and mornings.

When you are out and about I would like you to set up a trail for your family or friends. Make arrows from twigs and see if they can follow them. Maybe you could put a cross where you do not want them to go. There are some examples in the picture. I used to do this when I was a scout and loved setting trials for my friends.
Enjoy the outside.







Achievement Awards

Kindness championsY3 – Sienna Thirlwell

Swimmer of the week – Jacob Edington


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School Newsletter

‘What happens when we win?’ launches with a bang!

We have enjoyed an amazing array of experiences this week for the children as we launch the new topic. Y5 and Y6 were able to start stage blocking, and rehearsing the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet in preparation for their play at Phoenix Theatre. With the help of RSC trained Shakespearean actor, Richard Kidd they learned unusual facts about the Bard. The children now know who he was, how he impacted on Tudor times and what a significant influence he was – as well as the fact he grew up in a really disadvantaged home, and probably had traits of autism! And then they learned about the two families/gangs at the centre of the Romeo and Juliet play.

And then on Tuesday it was circus time for EYFS. They walked the tight rope, juggled and used diabolos to see what they were good at and how they could create physical targets. They were overjoyed with their own achievements and the photos show how much they concentrated, particularly on the tight rope walks!

On Wednesday it was Y1/2’s turn when they visited St James’s park to see the stadium, meet some of the Newcastle United staff, visit the changing rooms, and see some of the shirts hung up and ready for the next match.

(Bruno was very popular!). For some, their highlight was still the bus and the lunch – but for many more their love of football has grown even more. Some families have told us they are booking family tickets to go to see a match after seeing their children’s enthusiasm. Needless to say the children (and the staff!) were all very tired when they got back.

And with a Newcastle United’s womens’ team player visiting school, basketball coaches and the usual swimming and trumpet lessons, the school has been a thriving community. It’s been a long time coming but we are so pleased that we can return to the normal hustle and bustle of a busy, thriving, exciting place to be.

Last but not least Y3/4 are due to visit Moat Brae, the birthplace of the creator of Peter Pan, JM Barrie in Dumfries in Scotland next week. More photos of this next week!

Health and Safety updates

We have a wide range of health and safety and e-safety advice that we intend to share with you, now that the Covid guidance has more or less ended for schools!
We are still vigilant about sensible precautions such as good airflow throughout school and taking positive approaches to hygiene from hand washing and teaching children to be mindful of how to cough and sneeze.

We are also keen to minimise staffing issues by ensuring that if children have signs and symptoms of Covid they stay at home, but now no more than 3 days!

E-Safety News

As parents are you aware of the dangers of ‘doxxing’?

Doxxing is the publishing of someone’s personal or private information online – such as their address, phone number or email address – without their permission. Doxxing is an invasion of privacy and can put individuals in real danger. Publishing someone’s personal information with malicious intent is a criminal offence. Remind your child that it is never safe to share this kind of information about either themselves or another person online.


Book Look – we are so excited to share the children’s work with you!

Friday 29th April (today!) we are hosting the first in person Book Look in classes as reported in the past couple of newsletters. We hope you can make it – please start with children in older classes, coming into school from 1pm. Through the main front door for adults of pupils in Y3 to Y6. Through the side gate from 1pm for adults of pupils from Nursery, reception, Y1 and Y2 classes. Please remember only one adult per family please.

Payments for residential

Please ensure that your child’s payment for the upcoming residential are paid up by the deadlines. Chasing the payments causes a lot of extra work for the admin team. All the payments have been added to Parentpay accounts.


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

What a first week back! Summer 1 is a very short term – only 3 weeks left! That means you only have 14 days left to make sure you are Here, Ready, On time, Everyday. It is great to see 3 classes with 99% attendance this week. I was hoping to see less lates though since it is only our first week back! Please remember to get children to school before the gates close at 8.30am. It is especially important for our Y6 children to be on time as we are getting closer to the SATS. We do our best learning when we are settled in class after a good start to the day. It is only a short term, but it is an exciting one and we don’t want the children to miss out on any of the opportunities. Attend today, achieve tomorrow!


Paul’s Outdoor Idea: Dandelion art

This week’s activity is Inspired by the discovery of a double headed dandelion by two Year 3 girls and the beautiful array of dandelions around school and on the drive to school, I thought we could look at some simple dandelion art work.

The first one looks at the dandelion clock. You need one toilet roll and some scissors and some paint


1. Snip lots of small slits across one end of your toilet roll.
2. Fold them out to make a flower head shape.
3. Paint and print.
4. Add the stem.



Other ideas to use dandelions for art :

Dandelion facts :

1. There are over 250 different species of dandelion.
2. Dandelion plant’s every part is useful –roots, leaves, flower. Its uses include dye for colouring, food, and medicine.
3. The dandelion flower has a yellow-orange hue and comprises many individual, miniature flowers called ray florets. The dandelion flower opens at the time of sunrise and closes at night.

Finally, get out and about and explore the dandelions – they are an amazing plant.

Easter Egg Competition

Well done to everyone who submitted an entry into our Easter Egg Competition, the standards were very high and we can see from the entries that the children worked very hard! We didn’t have as many
entries as we have had in the past so we have streamlined the categories as follows. Huge well
done to the winners!

Our winners are….
Early Years – Mia Younger
Key Stage 1 – Avie Morrow
Key Stage 2 – Miles Straker


Punctuality for statutory assessments

In Y1, Y2 and Y6 we will be starting statutory (compulsory) assessments from next week. Please make an extra effort to get all children in these classes into school as

HERO children –
Every day
Ready to learn
On time

We appreciate this is the case for most families, but there is an emergent pattern with some families which we will start to follow up in the coming weeks. 5 minutes late every day amounts to 25 minutes a week and a whopping two days a year of lost learning.


Bye bye Angela!

And finally – some staff news! After being at CVPS for nearly the full ten years (in a number of different admin related roles since we opened), our admin and marketing manager Angela Hall will be leaving next Friday. Angela has been a familiar face to many of you, as she has been on the gate, chasing any overdue payments due to the school and coordinating all the holiday activity clubs that have taken place over the last couple of years. Angela will be a huge miss. She has an upbeat, positive personality and has been so passionate about the provision at the school, having personal experience as a parent too. We are pleased that she will continue in her role as a parent until the end of this academic year and for longer as a school governor! We wish Angela all the best for her new role at Seaton Valley Schools where she will be the marketing and publicity manager and we all thank her for the vast support and commitment she has given to CVPS over the past ten years.

We are exceptionally fortunate to have been able to recruit a new Office Manager with excellent credentials who will start with us on Monday the 6th June. More news in next week’s newsletter about that!


Achievement Awards

Kindness championsYN – Holly Anderson-Reid Y5 – AJ Jefferson
Swimmer of the week – Nicole Sharp


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School Newsletter

Happy Easter 2022!]

Well what a busy term it’s been!

A huge well done to everyone for their ongoing focus and determination to return slowly but surely to more normality now we are coming out of Covid restrictions.

It’s been great to see parents coming into school to sign off our Y6 group passport applications and to host more visitors in school for a lots of different activities for the children as well as support for staff.

Five stars to Chef Lynn and her team

We welcomed in the local Food Safety Team to complete an unannounced kitchen inspection this week. We were delighted that Chef Lynn and her wonderful team achieved 5 star rating once again, (That’s the best!) Well done to Lynn and the team – who received a rousing unprompted round of applause from the children when I told them!

Dr Bike was in again this week finishing off the checks on the remaining bikes that didn’t make it last time. Hopefully all children who wanted it have now been seen!

And as I write Elizabeth Grieve from Wilder Northumberland is visiting Y4 to support the Y3/4 application for an Eco Award. The classes have been looking at lots of school based opportunities to recycle, use clean energy and protect the wildlife in our outdoor areas.

New gate arrangements Y3/4

From the first Monday returning after the holidays, we would like to trial the Y3/4 children coming into school via the same gate as the rest of school.
Y3/4 staff will be positioned on the pathways outside school to show where to wait, until the rest of the children are already in. Then around 8.25 the Y3/4 children will come in through the same gate as everyone else.
We will maintain the one way system in school for the foreseeable future as it is less congested this way.

Punctuality in school

We are so grateful to all families for working so hard to be in school on time every day. This has a hugely positive impact on the calmness at the start of the day allowing lessons to start promptly and ensuring that there are well established routines. These help our most vulnerable children to settle more quickly. As a result of this we have decided to continue with the current morning arrangements for drop off into the summer term with the exception of the change to the Y3/4 as stated above.


Easter Club next week Mon to Thurs 8.45am to 12.45

All parents should have now received confirmation that they have a place at the Easter Camp next week. There are lots of exciting things planned so try and be on time for an 8.45 start collecting at 12.45 Monday to Thursday in the first week. We’re looking forward to some amazing art from Daniel Weatheritt, football coaching from Cramlington Football Club, Timestep Activity Centre and Kelly Jamieson’s Musical Theatre and Talent Show! With Chef Tim from Little Angels overseeing the food – the children are in for a great week! Can’t wait to see the photos.

Learning expeditions next half term

Each class next term has set up some amazing learning experiences and we are so pleased to have all the plans coming together for the three residential experiences we have planned too.

Y5/6 Richard Kidd Shakespearian Actor will be in school the first day back to deliver an amazing workshop – please don’t miss this as it forms the basis for the whole summer’s study! There are also some fencing activities planned to support the mock fights that are choreographed for the Romeo and Juliet play.

Y3/4 are heading to Moat House which is the Scottish National Centre for Literacy, and also the home of DM Barrie – author of Peter Pan! Who thought that this was so close to us – just in Dumfries? Another trip to Scotland in the offing.
Y1/2 are off to St James’s Park on Weds of the first week back for a stadium tour. Again – how exciting for them to see our local football team heroes as they compare recent football legends with those of the past!

And our early years children will be enjoying some circus performer visits leading up to their focus on The Wizard of Oz next half term.

Book Look – Friday the 29th April from 1-1.45pm

We can’t wait to show you some of the learning that the children have achieved over the past year! One parent/family member (per child) is welcome to come into school to be able to review your child’s books when we return to school after Easter on the Friday afternoon.
We are asking families from children in early years, Y1 and Y2 to come through the usual gate and for everyone else (Y3 to Y6) to come through the front entrance.
If you have siblings please see the older children first, and then leave them in their classes while you go to see the younger children, collecting the older ones, once you are ready to leave. For safeguarding reasons we are asking that all the children stay in their classes until their usual time to go home.


We were delighted to hear that despite a huge amount of competition to do well in the entrance exams – David Gowing in Y6 has secured a place at Newcastle’s prestigious Royal Grammar School to start in September this year. There were over 450 applicants for just 120 places so we are delighted that he was able to impress them with his academic prowess and his fantastic social skills. Congratulations David – we are so proud of you!


Paul’s Outdoor Idea

To begin with I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy Easter break. Thank you for engaging in the outdoor ideas this term – your support has been appreciated.

Over the next two weeks we would love you to get outside as much as possible whatever the weather.
Nature Easter Eggs : Inspired by Year 1 forest school this week.

These are so easy and fun to make! There’s only a few steps you’ll need to follow but really, you can just get your creative juices flowing and have fun with this project!


1. Cut out your egg shapes from the cardboard. I just happened to have an egg cookie cutter that I traced to make my egg shapes but you can also just draw them freehand if you don’t have something to trace. You then carefully cut them out. Sharp scissors are nice when cutting cardboard, if you have them, just to be safe.
2. Go out and collect your nature items! Make it into a fun activity where you go for a little walk around the neighbourhood and collect your items. You can use stones or flowers or anything natural.
3. Grab some glue! Think of your patterns and glue them on. If you have a glue gun then they work brilliantly.



Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

WOW Y2 – what a way to end the term, with 100% attendance! Today we celebrated our attendance achievements in assembly. We had our attendance awards, Attendance HERO awards for the half-term and a special trophy for those children that have been Here, Everyday, Ready and On time for the whole term. What a fantastic achievement in a really tricky year. I can’t wait to see who gets the awards next term!

We’ve now got two weeks off to look forward to! I thought it would be a good idea to share some activities families can do over the holidays:


• Visit Northumberlandia – it’s free!
• Bake an Easter treat!
• Create a time capsule
• Decorate an egg
• Write a story to share with friends and family
• Go for a walk and make a journey stick
• Spend time with loved ones
• Relax
It would be lovely for families to take some pictures to share on the class Facebook pages of whatever they get up to in the holidays! See you all in 2 weeks!




Easter Egg Competitions

We have decided to run our annual Easter Egg competition again – allowing the Easter holidays for competitors to prepare their entries. Categories are as follows:

Please allow the children the opportunity to decorate their egg independently and if families are itching to get  involved you can enter the parent category!

Bring your eggs in on the first few days we return after the holidays and we will announce the winners on Friday in Achievement assembly

Easter Egg Competition Categories – PLEASE ENSURE ALL ENTRIES ARE NAMED

• Y1/2
• Y3/4
• Y5/6
• Parent category


Uniform reminders

Please take some time if you can before the children return to school to remind them they need black school shoes (not trainers) ideally that they can take off and put on independently. Any hairbands being worn should be plain and without the extras which cause health and safety issues as well as upset when they are damaged.
(Including springy wires, unicorn horns and bows.) Thank you for helping all our children keep safe in school and for following the school uniform policy – copies of which are available on the school website or from the school office.

Ear piercing: It’s also coming closer to the longer 4 week holiday in the summer when we encourage ear piercing for those looking for pierced ears. Even when ears are just pierced earrings in school are not allowed – in line with all other primaries and secondary schools in the town. Anyone with pierced ears is expected to wear ‘spacers’ and not earrings in school – again for safety reasons during PE and outdoor play/forest school.


Achievement Awards

Kindness championsY5 – Tegan Laing Y6 – Katherine Doris, Elizabeth Rutherford, Lola Welford and Fearne Piriz
Swimmer of the week – Rosie Gillespie

Gold celebrationsYR – Theia Black, Megan Cooper, Lennox Clarke x 2, Mia
Younger and Eliza Lister Y1 – Matilda Charlton x 2 and Bethany Fitzsimmons
Y2 – Harry Judd, Ella Hewitt and Grace Cooper Y3 – Elijah Reynolds and Ellie
Rowlandson Y5 – Max Pearson, Amelia Hudson, Emily Taws-Bertram, Erin
Wraith, Zara Wallace, Amelia Tobin and Ruby Lewis


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School Newsletter

A week of sunshine, investigation and visitors.

Its been a week of discovery as the children have explored an aquarium, newt skeletons, an array of forest school activities, and some really great classroom learning as well. Our reception children kicked off the week with a visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium and the aquarium staff were amazed when one child not only stood up to address them about their knowledge, but was also able to name Angler fish, seahorses, and cite micro plastic pollution causes.

The children had a whale of a time (excuse the pun) and came home exhausted but inspired by what they learned and experienced. Huge thank you to our new early years team who organised this so well. There are some great photos at the end of the newsletter.

Then we welcomed a number of visitors into school including basketball coaches and the Northumberland Inland Fisheries and Conservation Authority from Blyth who spent time in Y1, 2 and 6. Children learned about pollution and how to protect our marine life. They got to see live lobsters and hear about how our marine life is threatened by the thoughtless things we do with our rubbish.
In our maths lessons we have been inspired by a slightly different approach increasing the use of practical resources to underpin teaching new concepts.

These practical resources are used alongside pictorial representations (pictures!) as well as abstract use of numbers and symbols. Our focus on mathematics continues to support the gaps left by 15 months of being in and out of lockdown, mirroring the national picture. We are pleased that the children have responded really well to this slightly adapted approach as we see a number of those much sought-after ‘lightbulb’ moments.


Covid Update

Like you, we are really fed up with what appears to be a new wave of Covid infections that are doing the rounds.

We have had a lot more children off throughout school and we would just ask that if your child has any of the usual symptoms such as headache, sore throat, fatigue and a cough please use a lateral flow test to discount Covid so that they can return to school.

We have a limited supply of lateral flow devices that we can use in school with your consent when symptoms occur during the day. We are campaigning to push for the government to make these available free of charge to children at school. Thankfully too the more recent nasal swab tests are a lot less intrusive.

Local Covid rates in Northumberland have risen in just one week, from 600 per 100000 to 900 per 100000. And that’s of those cases that have been registered. With admissions to hospitals rising too for those who are more vulnerable, we thank so many of you who continue to be respectful of the national guidance to self isolate when positive.

Next half term’s overarching question will be…

What Happens When We Win?

We are so excited to be able to confirm that we have booked the Phoenix Theatre for Weds 6th July for children from Y1 to Y6 to perform, and we are planning over the next few days what sort of plays. Romeo and Juliet is looking likely for Y5/6 launching on the 25th April with an actor from The Royal Shakespeare Company leading a workshop…..we’re all feeling very excited!

Paul’s Outdoor Idea:
Shapes in Nature:

This week is the official start of Spring and the weather is lovely – so again we are encouraging you to go

out and about. This time our focus is on shape in nature. Can you see shapes in nature? Shapes on trees or in leaf patterns? Can you create your own shapes? (I love this picture of a cube made out of sticks)

Challenge: Look up the Fibonacci sequence and its link to nature (for the older children and parents) The order is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 to infinity but it shows itself in natural patterns.


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Attendance has taken a bit of a beating this week due to the return of Covid and sickness bugs. The children that have had to isolate have done a great job logging on to their online learning. If you do have to isolate and need a device to complete online learning then let us know. We are able to lend Chromebooks to families that need it. Well done Y6 for 98% attendance – keep up the good work.

I need your help! I’ve got a big empty display board in my office that I would like to use for attendance. I wonder if the children could create some posters, leaflets or any type of artwork about attendance or punctuality. Maybe the children have some good advice they would like to share. If anyone has anything they would like to share with me and are happy for me to display then come and see me during the week. I’m excited to see the creations!


Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – James Dunning    Swimmer of the week – Kevin Kilpatrick

Gold celebrations – Y2 – Caileigh Rutherford and Lily Geddes, Y4 – Ryan Wells and Maddison Fyfe, Y5 – Eeva Tudor, Y6 – Aaron Hall, Jayden Thirlwell, Zack Thompson, Ashveer Singh, Charlotte Murray and Miles Straker


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School Newsletter

Comic Relief Dressing Up goes down a treat!

Y6 pupils have done a great job of practising for their SATs tests this week, which kicked off with bacon butty breakfasts back in the hall. What a way to start the morning – sitting with friends and munching on a treat!

Wednesday saw the busiest session with nearly the whole of the Y6 class enjoying time together.
Many families have switched incredibly smoothly into remote learning as have staff. Huge thank you to everyone for keeping up with sessions from home – both staff and children! It really helps the children to swiftly evolve back into school on their return – a week away misses a lot of learning so any contact with the class helps minimise so called ‘lost learning’!

Covid Update

It’s back!
We have had a number of Covid infections again throughout school after only one or two children developed it. Symptoms with some have included diarrhoea, night time coughing, sore throats and headaches. Please be vigilant.

We are very frustrated having to send children home, but are obliged to minimise the transmission of the virus in line with current government guidance. If your child has any of the symptoms listed above please test with a lateral flow test kit. We have plenty at school if you need them.
If you send your child to school and know they are unwell you will only be asked to collect them, so a quick test at home saves a lot of disruption all round.

Huge thanks to all families who work so closely with us and follow the rules well – it really is much appreciated. Prompt collections are really appreciated as the provision of 1:1 cover for children awaiting collection takes valuable learning time away from children in school.

We continue to monitor school systems carefully, but in line with government guidance we have prioritised education and so do not have plans yet to change class grouping arrangements, or lunch times which take place to regularise the afternoon session. start times.


Just a normal day…?

It’s been delightful to have visited every class this week as part of our usual performance management visits – and the quality of input the children are receiving is phenomenal. Children are so engaged with topics and themes, such as Captain Green and the plastic scene, Greta Thunberg

‘She’s my neighbour you know!’ in Y5 and Y2, and topics like Rama and Sita in Hinduism in Y4. We are now benefiting closely from specialist input from our academic mentor for mathematics with a ratio of three adults per maths lesson for three of our classes which are seeing accelerated progress – lovely to see.
Underpinning everything is our ambition for all children at CVPS to be happy – they will only thrive in their learning when that’s the case and it’s incredibly reassuring to see happy children in every class.

Yes, not all the time – sometimes some children prefer to do their own thing rather than what the teacher’s asked them to do – but children’s understanding of why they’re asked to do things is really strong. It was particularly inspiring to see Y2 children’s understanding of Greta Thunberg, climate change and how we have freedom of speech to be able to influence big things. Every session gives something to be proud of, and it’s a privilege to be a fly on the wall to see this.

I loved the EYFS children’s knowledge of why it’s dark at the bottom of the sea. Because if the dark was at the top of the sea you wouldn’t see where to go! Creating some of these deep level thinking skills really gives the children strong ownership of their learning and helps their voyage of discovery.


Update on last week’s World Book Day fundraiser

Zambia fundraising for books has raised an amazing £78 – thank you so much to everyone who donated on ParentPay – it’s not too late if you want to add something on! The Y5 class will be speaking to the children at the Linda Community School at the end of this month about the books they read and a bit about climate change.


Dr Bike returns…

Dr Bike has set April 7th as the next visit day when he’ll come along to school to support a review of those bikes he didn’t manage to see last time. If your bike wasn’t seen last time please bring them along to the front of school that morning.


Paul’s Outdoor Idea

Thanks so much for the journey sticks – they were great and it was a treat to see some of them brought in on forest school days!

This week we are going to look at two areas of the calendar:
17th March (Thursday) was St. Patrick’s Day but also the ‘equilux’ which means equal light and dark – so going forward until the Autumn we will get more light than dark in a day – which is perfect for getting out and about more.

The other date is Monday 21st March – National Poetry Day.

This week’s task is to celebrate the longer light, poetry day and to get out and about with your family. Enjoying the outdoors and then writing a poem about what you see.
Here are some nice examples (could you decorate it?)

Spring (Author unknown)

Open the windows and open the door
And let the fresh breezes blow in, blow in
Jack Frost has gone to his home in the north
And all of a sudden it’s Spring!

Spring (Author unknown)

I love Spring
Spring is new
It’s new blades of grass
It’s rain on glass
It’s violets and rain
It’s a wood scented lane
It’s a new bird song
It’s days growing long
It’s a tree in bud and puddles of mud
It’s birds in a tree and a buzz from a bee
It’s kites in the sky
It’s Spring. That’s why.
I love Spring.


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Woohoo! 100% attendance in Y6 this week. It has been a super important week for Y6 with SATs practice going on, so I am really pleased to see 100% attendance. It shows great dedication to your learning! A tough week for Y5 with attendance, but NO lates! Well done!

Lates are quite high in Reception. Alice, Rachael, Sue and Ashleigh are ready to welcome in the little ones from 8.20am so that learning can begin at 8.30am. We are half way through this half term now – only 3 weeks to go! Three weeks left until our next attendance awards. Keep up the good work!

Kindness champion – Carter Merrett

Swimmer of the week – Reece Hopkinson

Gold celebrations – YR – Heidi Ord and Eliza Lister, Y4 – Mohammad Al Haj Moussa, Matteo Trevisan, Maddison Fyfe, Megan Finlay, Maddy Dickinson, Daisy Bushby and Ava Skidmore


Achievement Awards


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School Newsletter

We’re back to school with a bang!

Welcome Back!

It’s been great to see the children settle back into school so well. We have enjoyed a number of great things this week with Y3 hosting Kielder Observatory team to discuss rocks, and our World Book Day book swap, as well as being back in the hall for lunches in key stage sittings rather than staggered. We are continuing with the same key question, ‘Is there time to save the world?’ linking with our investigation about climate change, sustainability and pollution.

The staff teams moderated writing and talked about their children’s writing achievements and we are hoping to get a date in the diary for the much missed ‘book look’ for families that have not taken place since the start of the pandemic. I am really proud of the children’s writing and how it has come on since the start of the year and I know that you will love coming in to see their books again. Y3 and Y4 feature heavily in the photos this week including one from Joshua Mitchell’s martial arts expertise which was shared from home. Please share any photos of clubs or special achievements the children have outside of school so we can share in the celebrations! We loved Allison’s photo with her family visit to the Discovery Museum – she was so excited that the museum is still exhibiting the Y4 fairground creations from last summer’s learning!

It’s been especially great to welcome Sarah Koratzitis this week back to CVPS as a Vice Principal leading English. The children and staff team have been delighted to have her back and the additional support for the whole team, including myself has brought some much needed capacity back into school.

Parent Survey

A huge thank you to the families who responded to the online parent survey which has now closed. There have been some lovely comments and feedback and we have analysed these and actioned some of the really constructive comments. It is encouraging and reassuring to hear that 88% of respondents would recommend CVPS to other

parents and that 80% of children feel happy to come to school. We have already contacted most of the small number of families who chose to use the survey to indicate any issues which has allowed us to have conversations about their circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any concerns, and if you feel things haven’t improved you can speak to a senior leader in school. I am happy to discuss any issues with parents individually if things have not resolved. I would like to reassure everyone that our school aim is that all children thrive so if your child is not thriving in your opinion, we want to know so we can work in partnership to move things forward. The hard and fast results are included on the newsletter email as an attachment. Some of the useful comments included ideas about more after school clubs, more opportunities for music tuition (this was tried a few years ago but did not have the uptake to be viable) and more information about the curriculum the children cover in school.

Please try and use the school website to ensure that you are up to date with the curriculum as our planning is uploaded every term.


COVID Update

We all know that on Feb 24th the legal requirements for isolating and testing became advisory.

However as a government funded school this means that we are still required to follow the same expectations as we did previously. The only real difference AT THE MOMENT is that isolating if you test positive is no longer legally enforceable. However at school there has been an expectation in guidance documents that we continue to expect children with Covid symptoms and positive test results to isolate. With rates still high in the community we are continuing with this.

We hope this will be reviewed when Lateral Flow Tests are no longer free of charge, but for now we will continue with the same notification and isolation expectations as is on our previous risk assessments.

School Covid Restrictions

We have been very conscious in school that our children have sacrificed an awful lot in terms of learning and socialisation as a result of our Covid restrictions. We are no longer operating under our contingency framework but have started to sensibly relax some of the previous restrictions. Lunch times in the hall as a whole key stage have been very welcome this week!



We need your help!

If you have green fingers our greenhouse needs you! We are looking for a gardening volunteer to help plant it up with some help from the children in the gardening team (plants, tools and soil are all available). If you have a few hours a week that you can spare to come to school around lunchtimes when the children are free – it would be great to hear from you. Let the staff know or drop an email into as soon as you can…spring is just around the corner.


Covid consistencies….?

Some of the more constructive comments on our parent survey related to the face to face access given to teachers and called out perceptions of inconsistencies during lockdowns and the recent easing of restrictions. I’m keen to put the record straight with this so there is clarity with all of us about the rationale we applied.

At all times we have worked within the parameters of our carefully considered and consulted Covid risk assessments. There have been occasions when we have tried to welcome parents back in to school, for example for the Christmas dinner and to the church at Christmas – to create some sense of school community. During these occasions contact between adults and school staff was kept to a minimum, and we tried really hard to ensure that any prolonged time spent by staff with other adults was minimised. Many staff have done this at home too, isolating themselves from Covid cases in their family home to be able to continue to attend school (when it was permitted) making significant sacrifices. I feel it’s important to set the record straight about this publicly in the newsletter.

We have tried throughout Covid at every stage to ensure that we minimise disruption to the children and transmission in the school and wider community by protecting staff attendance at school as much as possible. I am exceptionally proud that on the whole our staff attendance rates have been outstanding throughout the pandemic due to the success of our approach and the commitment and dedication of the team. A huge thank you to those families who recognised this in their comments, with 85% of respondents in the survey stating we dealt well with Covid. We really appreciated the many families who have supported and respected the school’s communication and decisions about this. It has not been easy for any of us.


Weds 9th March Parent Consultations

By now you will have received the link for the online parent consultations which will take place next week on Weds 9th March. Parents asked for a slightly longer time slot which we have been able to facilitate. Please be on time for your slot as it automatically cuts off at the end of the time slot allocated.


Paul’s Outdoor Idea

Thank you (Gratitude) Tree

It is excellent to see the sun shining and the feel of Spring in the air, a lot of children have spoken to me about the signs of Spring.

This week’s idea is to combine the outside with a nice craft. I have been grateful for lots of things this week: friends, family, colleagues, the Spring and lots of other things. To celebrate, this

week’s activity is a ‘Thank you’ or Gratitude tree.


Basic instructions

First, go for a nature walk to find the perfect tree branch that has multiple limbs. Next, make and decorate different colour leaves to adorn the branch with messages about thankfulness. Once the leaves are attached, place the branch in a vase or jar.

It would make a beautiful gift for someone you are thankful for.

More detailed instructions

  1. 1. Go on a nature walk to find a special tree You want to make sure that the branch is fairly large and has multiple limbs.
  2. 2. Bring the branch inside and set it on your
  3. 3. Brainstorm some things that you are thankful for in your family (e.g. food, water, shelter, love, family, friends, your dog, )
  4. 4. (Optional) Paint the tree branch.
  5. 5. Draw leaves, make the leaves fairly big, about two leaves per page. Cut out the leaves, aiming for about 10 finished leaves.
  6. 6. Use a hole puncher to create a hole at the top of each leaf.
  7. 7. Write down the things you are grateful for on the leaves.
  8. 8. Put string or wool through the holes of each leaf and tie the leaves to the branch.
  9. Don’t forget to share photos of your tree on the class Facebook pages!


Family Support Worker Amy’s Update

Great first week back at school! Remember, to be an Attendance Hero at the end of this half term you must be Here, Everyday, Ready, On time. We will be holding our attendance awards at the end of the Spring term again. Last time, our hero’s got to wear a special attendance hero mask. I have already started to think about what special item the children will receive this time!

It is amazing to see 3 classes with 99% this week! I am sure we could see at least one class with 100% next week. Well done to Year 5 and Year 6 for significantly lower lates our first week back. Remember, the gates close at 8.30am. After this time children will need to go through the office and will be marked as late on the register.


Achievement Awards

Kindness champions

Ayman Alwendi, Jaxon Gunnell, Caileigh Rutherford, Avraj Singh and Anabelle Lister

Swimmer of the week – AJ Jefferson


Gold celebrations

Y1 – Jaxon Gunnell (twice), Alexis Simm, Freya Brady, Matilda Charlton, Abbie Griffiths and Nadia Al Haj Moussa, Y2 – Lily Morgan-Derby, Y3 – Elliot Page, Y4 – Ryan Wells, Brian Campbell, Jessica Gorton, Aysha Kaur, Megan Finlay, Masie Morrison, Delilah Piriz and Daisy Bushby


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