School Newsletter

Happy Half Term!

A bit more normality returned to school this week as we had less staff and children absent. I’ve been hugely inspired by the pupil progress meetings that have taken place with class teachers throughout school. Children have completed work both in books, and in usual assessments which supports really pleasing progress despite all the attendance challenges for both staff and children. The dedication and commitment of our team is second to none and your children inspire us to dig deep when things in school have been tough. Once again I’m exceptionally proud of the children’s progress throughout school.

COVID Update

Covid rates in the local community continue to be high and we still have more cases at school than any  time previously, around 12 -14 cases overall between Y5, Y2 and this week in reception.

We continue to be grateful to families for isolating siblings who have not yet had Covid when the first person in the household tests positive. This has significantly reduced the spread in classes – especially in younger age groups where the children are less aware of social distancing. Thank you.

A reminder to everyone that sadly we don’t have capacity to allocate homework and online learning to pupils who are absent or ill for anything other than school ‘approved’ Covid related absences. We hope you understand that this is to allow us to protect teacher workload while our staffing levels are less than they should be, and to support family understanding of the importance of attendance at school. The DfE have recently issued reminders to  schools about protecting attendance at school. It’s a really tricky balance to get right and we are working hard to reinforce the commitment to full school attendance as much as possible.

Statutory bodies are very focussed that children should be learning in school when they can and we are trying to ensure our school approach aligns with this 

Academic mentor

As part of the national tutoring programme we have brought in an academic mentor for English and are delighted to welcome back Kirsten Swales for this role in school. (Some of you may remember Kirsten as she was the nursery teacher previously known as Kirsten Hurst). Kirsten is married now and a Mum – congratulations! She is initially working across early years and Y1 as a support for our ‘catch up’ programme.

Back to normal

It has been wonderful to see the impact on the children since starting whole school assemblies in the hall and we are excited that despite the local Covid outbreak we are on track to continue assemblies in this  ay for next term, welcoming the reception class in with the rest of school is aways wonderful to have the whole school community altogether.

Harvest collection

Please send in any donations for harvest next half term which we are sending to the Centre for Hope. The usual list for collections is here and we ask that you try and send in specific items such as: Cereal, Soup, Pasta, Rice, Tinned tomatoes/ pasta sauce, Lentils, beans and  pulses, Tinned meat, Tinned vegetables, Tea/coffee, Tinned fruit, Biscuits, Fruit juice. There is also a need for basic toiletries and sanitary products.

Wonderful Reading!

Huge congratulations to both Reception class as well as Y4 and Y6 who have achieved much higher rates of reading at home! Keep it up over the half term!

Parent consultations

We have designated the parent consultations for Weds the 10th November using the online system we used last term as we are still conscious of high community Covid rates. Please book your slots early when you receive the link especially if you struggle with your availability. Teachers have asked to increase the time slots to allow slightly more time per student. As always if you have any concerns about your child’s
progress please let us know at any time. We are happy to make time to discuss concerns and want to be on hand to help as and when it’s needed.

Paul’s outdoor idea

As we approach half term I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and work on the outdoor ideas. Over the half term I would love you to get out and about and collect natural material, leaves, nuts, berries and even interesting stones and create ‘natural frames’. You will need a frame or to make a frame from cardboard and attach your natural materials to the frame.

Have a look at the link

We would love to see your creations on the class Facebook pages or in school after half term. Have fun!

Happy half term everyone! We hope you enjoy a good break, stay safe with Halloween and bonfire celebrations, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back into school on Monday the 1st November at the usual time.

Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Ayman Allvendi;  Swimmer of the week – Regin McMullen
Children achieving goldYN – Jacob Ray, YR – Polly Ross, Tilly Merrett, Y1 – Safiya Kodirova, Joseph
Gorton, Y5 – Reece Hopkinson, Y6 – Katie Russell (not reported last week), Isabelle Aitchison, Ellah Parker, Kieran Leck, Louis Archbold

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School Newsletter

Firefighter assembly interrupted by 999!

One of the highlights of this week was a visit to Thursday’s assembly by the local firefighting team. We were really looking forward to hear from Glenn and the team about how important Bonfire Safety is, and how to stay safe in the autumn. What we didn’t expect was that the firefighters would get a call out at 8.50am right in the middle of their assembly!

Thankfully they left us their slides, and returned a bit later. We were able to learn all about the importance of staying safe around fireworks and how organised events are safer. We also reminded ourselves about the CVPS forest school fire safety rules such as the ‘respect’ position, allowing us to ‘jump back’. Firefighter Glenn explained to us all about his firefighting role and what sort of things he does to help people.

School attendance and sickness

It has been a horrendous week for school in terms of sickness and absences. We have had sickness and diarrhoea illnesses, flu type symptoms (after negative Covid PCRs) and a larger number of Covid positive cases particularly throughout Y5 and Y2. And it hasn’t just been children – as we had one day with 6 (or 20%) of our staff off school poorly too. No-one is more passionate about learning than our staff team, but with teachers off as well as admin staff and assistant teachers, we have really struggled to put up as much of the usual remote learning as we would have liked and it has been a challenge just getting through each day. We are hopeful that these seasonal infections will ease off and we hope that we can get back to normal as soon as possible. Thank you so much for supporting the school’s sickness policy and being patient with us this week.

COVID Update

Covid rates in the community continue to rise and Cramlington now tops the leader board in Northumberland. There are 995 cases per 100,000 in Cramlington West!
We have had 4 confirmed cases of Covid in Y2 and the same in Y5. Both classes are now working to the Covid Contingency plan as listed on our website.

A huge thank you to all the families who have kept children who are ‘close contacts’ of positive test outcomes at home for remote learning for the 3-5 day incubation period. It has been an absolute godsend as some have actually tested positive subsequently which has meant that we have limited the spread of this disruptive virus. We really appreciate this and know it has not always been easy.

PCR testing

The quickest way to get back to normal if your child has any of the Covid symptoms (including the main three as well as other milder ones) is to seek an appointment online at the local drive through test centre where results are coming back in some cases less than 12 hours from the test.
If you do not have a car – please ask school for one AS SOON AS YOUR CHILD IS SENT HOME. The PCRs which are home test kits take 3-5 days which means less time at school which I know is not popular with both children and their parents!

Harvest, Christmas and our very own School Song!

As explained above, the past two weeks we have found it incredibly challenging in school to sustain the usual routines and so I have taken the really difficult decision that we will not go ahead with our usual Harvest celebrations this year but instead we will collect donations after half term for the local food banks.

However we have booked our usual Christmas Carol service at St Nicholas Church in December. Tuesday the 14th December we will hold our Christmas Carol service complete with nativity for the youngest children at St Nicholas Church in Cramlington Village. We are asking that the children have one adult per family per service. Reception and Year 1 and 2 will be from 1.30 to 2.30pm and then Y3, 4, 5 and 6 from 2.30 to 3.30pm. We ask that as difficult as it will be for you to come alone (without younger siblings) that you try as much as possible to do this. Please let a member of staff know if this is likely to present a problem as we are just trying to make live versions possible as restrictions ease. As far as we know most other local schools are doing recorded versions of the usual Christmas events so we are trying to push for face to face services, but to do so responsibly in terms of minimising Covid risks.

Beccy Owen is a musician, singer, songwriter, performer, producer, musical director and sound designer and she comes to us highly recommended as a ‘Musician in residence’ next half term as part of our ‘What’s our musical story?’ topic. We can’t wait to hear from her and meet her in person straight after half term.
We hope to be able to sing our first live version of our very own school song that we are recording and composing with Beccy at our Christmas Carol Service. We are so fortunate to have commissioned her for the next half term.


Reading successes

A special mention has to go to Reception children as 81% achieved their goal to read at home at least five times this week. We are so so proud of this as it will set you all up for some really strong progress in your reading. Huge well done to everyone – extra playtime for being the highest number of ‘5 times readers’ this week in Y3 – their cheer in assembly said it all! I have to say that the most improved has definitely been the Y1 class – who struggled just three weeks ago to get more than 40% of the class reading often. They too are now 71%. Well done to our youngest children in school and especially their families who are such important factors in successful readers!


Paul’s outdoor idea

Let’s think about numbers in nature this week and how we can combine Mathematics and Art with some outdoor fun. I would like you to choose a number and make that number in a creative way using natural materials you have found in your garden or surrounding area. My favourite numbers are 17 and 56 so I would love to see those numbers. You could use conkers, acorns or maybe some rocks or pebbles. Take a photo of your creation and let me see some on the class Facebook pages.


Achievement Awards


Kindness champion – Charlotte Murray; Swimmer of the week – Sieannah Nicholson
Children achieving goldYR (not reported last week) Theia Black, Charlie Thirlwell and Harrison Rowlandson, Y1 – Jensen Atkinson


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School Newsletter

Y5/Y6 explore Lindisfarne

As part of our theme this term looking at our musical story, Year 5 and 6 visited Lindisfarne and reviewed some amazing historical sources that underpin a lot of north east history, linking with their Vikings topic. The rain and mist in the morning didn’t stop them from enjoying the drive across the causeway nor the  visits to the Priory, St Cuthbert’s monument and lime kilns amongst other things.

The sun even shone in the afternoon when the blue sky finally appeared. Pupils across both classes were very engaged in this learning expedition and filled with enthusiasm when they returned to school.

In and around the rest of school, I have had the pleasure of spending more time in our nursery this
half term, singing and sharing stories. We were curled up on the floor this week, and when the children weren’t looking I took their photo before they sprung to life as scarecrows. Y4 showcased some ‘disco dancing’ as they were doing the ‘Hustle’ with a blast from the 70s past! Throughout school we are almost back to some normality with the hall being used for assembly times, PE as well as lunchtimes again. We are tentatively reintroducing all the old routines and positive learning experiences and the children are
responding with great gusto! Great to have some normality back and the buzz of CVPS returning.

COVID Update

Daily updates with the local authority’s health protection teams give us access to the most up to date information. Please send any negative PCR test outcomes to the school office on prior to children returning to school. It is equally important to let us know about any positive test outcomes as well.

Covid Contingency Plans

If a class has three pupils off who have tested positive within a 10 day window we are expected to activate
our Covid Contingency Plan. This is to limit additional spread within the class and school. We continue to be extremely appreciative of the cooperation of the families we serve at this challenging time and would like to say a huge thank you.

Please be assured that we would much rather have the children in school than at home. It seems strange
to be saying – ‘if in doubt keep them out’ – as in the past we have always welcomed the children even when
they are a bit under the weather.

Now we can only do that if we are positive that they test negative first when their symptoms are either
overtly Covid or even milder. Recent guidance for testing has been updated to include the milder symptoms we already listed in last week’s newsletter

Introducing Dr Bike

We have recently been part of a small bid to provide free bike maintenance for anyone who would like it. This will mean that anyone can bring along their child’s bike on a designated day to be able to get it maintained and checked for free. Please let your class teacher know if you would like to take advantage of this excellent offer.

Meet Amy Biggins – our new family support worker

I am so excited that Amy (Y1 teacher last year) has returned to CVPS as our new Family Support Worker. Amy’s role will be to support all our families with anything that helps them to promote  learning at home. She will be undertaking some additional training and lead on some of our child protection issues in school as well. Amy will be on the gates in the morning to greet you all and introduce herself in the coming week.

Our building

We are aware that for years the front of school has been in need of a redesign including the car park and the fencing/design of the entrance area. We have been working closely with a design team and are delighted that our submission of a new proposal has been accepted by the local authority’s planning team. Of course we’ll let you have sight as soon as we receive the finalised plans.

Y6 applications for High School

We have been prompted once again by Cramlington Learning Village for you to get your applications in for high school. They are hosting a virtual open evening of Thursday 7th October. Please check the Y6 class Facebook page for more details.

Paul’s outdoor idea

As the leaves are falling – this week I would love to see you making a natural magic wand.

Maybe you could attach a leaf by its’ stalk with masking tape or sticky tape. Wind string or wool around the stick to cover up the tape or other sections if you wish. Using glue or double sided tape, stick leaves and petals to the stick and the large leaf at the top.

Post your pictures on the class Facebook pages and I look forward to seeing your creations.

Achievement Awards

Kindness champion – Henry Taylor                 Swimmer of the week – Miles Straker

Children achieving goldY1– Millie Mitchinson, Joseph Gorton, Mason Gray and Jaxon Gunnell (not reported last week), Y3 – Jack Mitchinson, Y5 – Max Pearson and Amelia Hudson

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School Newsletter

Fabulous Fitness for Y5

Since starting Y5 the children have been trialling Moki Fitness Bands throughout their school day to track their active minutes and steps. We have been aiming for 10000 steps a day in the Daily Mile, PE lessons and during Forest School and playtimes. Individual children scan in their results at the end of each day and then analyse the data and look for patterns and trends. These bands have been a huge success to encourage physical activity throughout the day. We are grateful to the Sports Premium funding allowing us to focus on innovative ways to improve children’s fitness. Next on the list to receive these bands in school is Y6!


Covid Update

We now have a number of confirmed Covid cases in Y4, Y5 and Y6 at school.
Please do NOT bring your children to school with the following symptoms:

• A new persistent cough
• A high temperature
• A headach

Delta variant also presents with:

• Sore throat
• Runny nose
• Sneezing

If your child has ANY of the above symptoms they are required to take a PCR test from the Drive In Test Centre, booked online. For families without access to a vehicle, please let school know as we have a very small number of postal PCR tests in school.

PE Kits needed in school

Our PE Coordinator Nicole Weatheritt has asked that families from Y1 to Y6 are gently reminded about sending a full school PE kit to allow children to take part in PE and physical activities in school. School funds can be made available for families who have financial difficulty with this. Examples are in the uniform policy sent out during transition weeks.

Cycle safety

Children who are travelling to and from school on bicycles or scooters then please ensure that they have a helmet – particularly in Y5 and Y6 when they come to school on their own. We will allow a grace period until the end of September for families to purchase helmets if you don’t already have them, but thereafter children will only be able to park their bikes at school if they wear a helmet.

Forest school finds

Children in KS2 forest school found a myriad of interesting creatures, including newts in the pond area and an amazing egg-carrying spider. With the young chickens out and about, and dear old Brownie stealing the show it was a real day of discovery on Wednesday this week. With map reading work, knot tying, compost learning, fire lay learning and creature finding, there was lots of learning outside. CVPS LOVES FOREST SCHOOL!

Judaism in Y4 – the story of Moses…

Y4 have been looking at some of the origins of Judaism as part of their learning in Religious Education sessions this week. They created their own Torahs, and practised a bit of Hebrew writing as well as deciding on a Y4 rule on their Torah.

Y6 High School Applications

Please remember that the deadline for you to apply to high school in Y6 is 31st October. You must all apply to high school. There are no automatic feeder schools and where you live determines where your catchment school’ is.

Paul’s Outdoor Idea

This week I would like you to create an animal using leaves collected in your garden or local area. It can be a real animal or an imaginary one. As well leaves you may need some pens, card or paper, googly eyes, glue and scissors.
Please post pictures of your creations on your class Facebook page, I can’t wait to see them!

Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion – Tilly Merrett

Swimmer of the week – Kieran Leck

Children achieving gold this weekY1 – Jaxon Gunnell and Sofia Athenian, Y3 – Lacey Fender, Y4 -Aysha

Kaur and Mohammad Al Haj Moussa, Y5 – Emily Morgan, Y6 – Ben Drake, Isabelle Aitchison, Leo Trevisan

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School Newsletter

Welcome back!

Many of the photos above are from our new reception children who have started school and settled in exceptionally well. They are curious explorers who have been able to investigate a host of different things in their classrooms this week including natural materials in their dough such as flowers, leaves and pine cones; storytelling to Pi in the enchanted light corner; create surfboards for dinosaurs, and fill teapots and kettles with bubbly water and enjoy a sand tray with pirate treasure! They have indeed been a really busy bunch and it’s been wonderful to see how well they have all settled with a highlight of the week being the Tiddlywinks session on Monday morning! Thanks to families for entrusting them in our care – we will be looking after them all well!

And in the rest of school – the children looked wonderful when they returned in their new uniforms! They have been polite and well mannered to the adults and their friends and are fast getting to grips with the bulk of routines. We are still encouraging (well really we’re expecting!) home reading every night in every year group and look forward to hosting an information event for parents about early reading skills on the morning of Weds 22nd September at 8.45 in the school hall, straight after drop off. This is targeted especially at families in early years and Y1 but we appreciate that there are a number of families who have joined us since the last reading event are welcome to attend. The session will be streamed and recorded, and the recorded version will be uploaded onto the class facebook pages. Please inform your child’s class teacher if you would like to attend. Our first staff training day was spent reviewing the new child protection guidelines which were updated to include a lot of additional research and increased expectations about addressing sexual harassment in schools. Children in primary schools are being regularly subjected to sexual harassment – particularly from peers, and especially online. This is something that all primary schools are being asked to address as part of their personal and social education programmes.

We are also tasked to challenge gender biases as part of our everyday programmes of learning. Please let us know if there are any aspects of our provision which you feel hinder

inclusion and equality in any way. Your feedback is really important to us as we look to giving all our children the best start in life and the best aspirations they can access.

Some new staff also toasted marshmallows, and made flatbread pizzas while being refreshed on their fire training! They now know how to create tepee fire lays as well as criss-cross and are all itching to create fires!

Covid Update

Guidance for the new term was published on August 27th and so we are currently reviewing all our current school arrangements in light of this.
We are hopeful to see the reintroduction of assembly times, and international visits as part of this which we are consulting with our staff about and how to provide as close to normal school life as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns about this – please contact your class teacher.
Most of our staff team are now double vaccinated and we know that the risks of Covid for those who are vaccinated are much reduced which is great news.
We are still vigilant about any Covid symptoms which require isolation for 10 days, and NHS Test and Trace speak to you following a positive test. The local health protection teams still request that we inform them of any positive Covid test results. We are grateful and pleased that whole bubble closures no longer exist and we will continue to implement most of the previous Covid control measures to minimise risks. We are in the process of completing an ‘outbreak/contingency’ plan should there be a number of cases at school. We will share this with you when it has been through the usual approval and consultation routes.
A huge thank you to everyone for continuing to be vigilant and respond appropriately to situations when we are required to send children home.

Parent governor role

We are delighted to have welcomed Andy Childs (parent of a child in Y1) to the governing body. We are really pleased to welcome Andy’s skills into school life and look forward to him getting to know us. A governor acts as a ‘critical friend’ challenging and supporting the school to continue in its journey to meet its mission statement. Anyone interested in serving in this way, please let your class teacher know and one of us will get in touch.
Our chair of governors Patsie Beaton continues into her second year as chair, ably supported by Samantha Harrison as the vice chair. Please check out the school website if you are interested in seeing more information about the governors.

Bye Bye Alison Malcolm

We are really grateful to Alison Malcolm who has served the school now for over ten years as a governor, dedicating significant time and commitment during that period, especially prior and just after we opened. Due to a new work role, Alison is stepping down from her governor role. She has been our chair of governors, a vice chair and led the finance committee (and the education committee) throughout these past ten years. Alison will be sorely missed but we are so so grateful to her for fulfilling such a dedicated and valuable position giving up hours of her time voluntarily to see the school start on its journey, and achieve so much as a result of her input. Alison will continue as a ‘member’ of the Trust of Cramlington Village Primary School, the entity that the governing body reports into.

Bye Bye Pinky

We are so sad to have to share that in August, Pinky our resident pig, has been really poorly. After much discussion and advice from his vet, it was decided between those who know Pinky best that it was time for him to be put down. We know that Pinky has been a really important character to many of the children and so we will create a special memory box for the children to note down favourite memories. Thank you so much to everyone who has played a part in caring for him so well, and showing him such patience when he refused to return to his pen! He was a rascal at times, but was overall a really smart creature who gave a lot of children (and adults) a lot of joy! Rest in peace Pinky – we’ll miss you!


Paul’s outdoor idea

I am really excited to be taking over the weekly Forest School activity, I love the outdoors and can’t wait for you to share your outdoor activities with me.
For our activity this week I would like you to consider the trees all around (there are lots of them and often we don’t notice them). Could you choose a special tree in your garden or surrounding area and then either draw a picture of it, take a leaf rubbing of a leaf or a piece of bark and think about who (or what) might live in the tree.


Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion – Miles Straker

Swimmer of the week – Jayden Thirlwell


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School Newsletter

Happy holidays everyone!

Business as usual to the end!

It’s been non-stop busy-ness right to the end of term at CVPS

– as always! Y4 finally got to visit the Discovery Museum and enjoyed a lovely day away as you can see from some of their photos at the end of the newsletter.

All the year group teachers have now completed their planning days and have some wonderful musical experiences planned for the autumn term. We will be asking families with musical expertise to contribute where possible! And all classes in school were also able to welcome in a member of their family to share some of the physical activities that the children have begun during transition weeks.

It was great to see the families taking part in the tennis session on Wednesday afternoon! Y6 Basketball coaching showed some great sportsmanship from our Y6s develop on Tuesday and last week, the Y6 children were really inspired by Darius Dafoe who still scores baskets for the Eagles after 18 years!

We hosted Stephen Miller the Paralympian gold medal winner on Wednesday as well as the Newcastle Eagles Basketball coaches on Tuesday. Stephen visited all the children across Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y6 and shared some signed postcards as well as his explanation of the role he has, answering the children’s questions adeptly. He shared how his self belief has been positively impacted by finding his distinctive skills that he could succeed with in the Olympics. His discussion with the children was inspirational and we were so thankful he could visit CVPS. On Thursday this week we also had a chance to see a genuine 2012 Olympic torch that was shared with us. The children have certainly been immersed in a whole host of physical activities mostly outside, aided by the slightly cooler weather.

COVID Update

We have literally felt as if we have ‘limped’ to the end of the term, with a larger than ever number of staff isolating, and our Y5 bubble closed. We are pleased we did close it – as there have been 5 more positive test results in children as of today.

Closing the Y5 bubble was hugely inconvenient and disruptive, but we do feel it limited the spread of Covid particularly in those families who subsequently tested positive with siblings attending other classes. Let’s hope next year is a new year, with greater immunity and better reach of the vaccination programme, so that we can experience a lot less disruption.

Return to school reminders

Children return to school on Thursday the 2nd September at 8.30am for YN, Y1-6 and 8.45am for YR

Y1/Y2 change to the end of school time

We would like to pilot a change to the school day in the autumn time.

Letters have been shared online with parents of pupils in Y1 and Y2 to explain the reasons. The new finish times of 3.30pm for children in Y1 and Y2 will start from the first day back in September. Please let the school office know if you have any questions.


Staff awards finish the year on a high!

We held our annual staff awards event on Wednesday awarding trophies to everyone and extra special wishes to our staff leavers this week. We wish them all well and will miss them greatly. We really enjoyed hearing so many positive and encouraging stories of the staff team’s individual achievements. It was wonderful to be able to finish this reflective and celebratory event with the feedback from all our families which were taken from the parent survey sent out last term.

Thank you so much for those comments – with an overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who replied,

we were greatly encouraged. Some of us were even moved to tears with some of the gratitude and positivity making many of the challenges we’ve faced this year, pale into comparison when you’ve fed back how valuable and successful the impact of the teaching teams have been. Our team is hugely committed to your children, and this was recognised, alongside the many successes the children made being partly attributed to the support and nurturing approaches we have had at CVPS.

Summer Camp

Angela Hall has planned a fantastic summer camp programme and has some places available still from Week 2 to Week 4. These will continue to provide the same activities and games and ideas alongside a breakfast and lunch. We currently have around 50 children booked in to attend.

Stay Safe in the holidays

We have worked on reminders to the children about staying safe in and around :

  • • water
  • • sun
  • • strangers
  • • traffic

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful time in the summer – but please remember to stay safe when out and about!


School uniform reminders

I have spoken to a few older children to give them a bit of advance notice about the uniform requirements, as I explained in last week’s newsletter.

The only branded uniform we expect families to provide for their children is the blazer with the school logo in Y5/6 and the purple school sweatshirts/cardigans across the rest of school. This is particularly important when we take part in the many school trips that we do. The school is proud of its standing in the community and we work hard to provide clarity about the common uniform. Government guidance has asked that we return to our usual expectations from September next year so if you have any questions please let us know.

Copies of the uniform policy are all listed on the school website for those who have not been able to read last week’s newsletter. We also have a large number of clean, ironed second hand uniforms that are available for those who need them, and we also donate uniform to the clothing bank. We do appreciate that the branded clothing does cost more than non branded and while school funds receive commission from the branded clothing, we also appreciate that some families like to buy enough polo shirts to have a new one every day and that it can be costly. So plain white polo shirts, typical grey school trousers, black school shoes not trainers and the plain PE kit as stipulated last week does not have to be with the school logo. The school coat is also optional.

We have allocated uniform voucher payments to parents of pupils entitled to free school meals to support new uniform costs and we try to be really clear to the children about colours and not logos when reminders are given for uniform. Please send any questions to the email address as administration staff will be monitoring this email throughout August.


Start and finish times in the autumn

Apologies for the error in the last newsletter about start/finish times and thank you to those of you who sought clarification. School returns on Thursday the 2nd September after teacher training days. During transition weeks we have been trialling the start and finish times to monitor the impact on social distancing and ongoing parking issues which we have. It’s now been confirmed that the start and finish times throughout the week for each year group are as follows:

As a team we have decided to continue with the current arrival and collection procedures. We appreciate the timeliness that this has brought to school start and finish times, and as a result of the continued Covid risks we feel more confident restricting unnecessary access to school grounds. Many thanks for your cooperation with this. The school gates will continue to open at 8.20am and will be closed at 8.30am when lessons begin. Please try to be punctual to ensure that your children access the start of our first lesson which is reading.

We hope that you will all enjoy a wonderful summer break and that the weather stays fine. We look forward to hearing all the children’s news and plans when we return on Thursday the 2nd September.


Ashleigh’s last outdoor activity!

The summer is finally here! I would like you to create a bucket list of 10 activities you would like to complete these summer holidays and tick them off once you have done each one.


Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion – Lacey Fyfe


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School Newsletter

Welcome everyone to the new academic year!

The children were all very excited and a little bit nervous about starting in their new classes this week. Monday was a bit of an experiment for them and their class teachers, but by Wednesday there was definitely a routine and they started to get to know one another. It’s been lovely hearing the quizzes and games they’ve been playing as they have become engaged in the transition week theme of sporting activities.

Already this week the children have voted for new school council leaders and have devised new class rules with their class teachers. They have continued with lots of their usual routines such as phonics groups and morning timetable and they’ve already started to charm the new staff they are working with.

Y1 were wowed by rugby coaches from Newcastle Falcons on Monday afternoon as they were taught the key components of Tag Rugby. And we are delighted to have booked Newcastle Eagles who are visiting Y6 to coach them for Basketball.

Covid Update

Our new risk assessment has been completed in consultation with the staff team. Key aspects for families to be aware of are as follows:

  • – Children are expected to return to full uniform including black school shoes not trainers (see guidance later in the newsletter)
  • – PE kit is needed for Y1-Y6
  • – Current drop off and collection arrangements will continue as they are currently – please try to be respectful about where and how you park
  • – Children will be able to mix with one other class at playtimes – to improve socialisation opportunities
  • – Children will be able to continue to work in other classes – but socially distanced within their usual class as much as possible, for phonics input for example
  • – Lunchtimes will continue to be in the hall
  • – Virtual parent consultations will continue into next academic year

We will continue to exclude any child who presents with Covid symptoms but bubble closures will cease after 16th August in line with new government guidance – thank you to those who have been so mindful of doing everything possible to keep our bubbles open. We really appreciate your support.

Robinwood adventures

Y5 had a really successful time at Robinwood this week as they enjoyed an adventure-packed three days. They were all hugely courageous at trying out the activities on offer. They were rightly proud of themselves today as they shared verbally with the whole class what they felt they had achieved that they hadn’t expected.

We are so grateful to all the families for releasing the children to attend as these events and activities really create life long memories as a class that really help to cement their friendships. A special thank you to the staff who accompanied them for taking time away from home too and for all the organisation that goes into these things. With Covid on top of the normal it’s no mean feat being ‘in loco parentis’ for all the class.


Music next term

As a whole school ‘What’s our musical story?’ is being planned this week and next. We plan to ask the children to share some of their interests and to research their family skills and interests about music during the summer break. At the moment we are talking about a music festival launching in September so we’ll update you a bit more about the ‘shape’ of this next week.

News Post Leader story

Well done once again to Angela, our Marketing and Administration Manager who has once again secured some publicity in the News Post Leader for our innovative curriculum visit to Turner’s Fairground. Check out this link if you want to see the story and wonderful photos. Thank you

We were really grateful for the children’s many cards and gifts that were given to us at the end of their time in last year’s classes last week. The kind words and thoughtful gifts are never expected, but we are really grateful. We love our role in school as teachers and support staff for your children, and love the difference we make. It’s an absolute privilege. But it’s made extra special when recognised by those we seek to serve. As I shared with the Y6 leavers – we are really proud to work as a team with all our families – to get the happiest children with the best results it really is teamwork between home, school and the children!

September 2021 school timings

Training day Weds 1st September 2021.

Please note that the first day of term (Weds 1st September this year) is always used as a training day to review our child protection policy and procedures. This year staff are also receiving some top up fire training for forest school!
The children return to school on Thursday the 2nd September at 8.30 for year 1 to 6 and 8.45am for reception.

Uniform guidance

Copies of the school uniform were shared a few weeks ago by email is also available from the school website on

I’ve pasted an excerpt with the key aspects highlighted below. Those entitled to free school meals have been offered vouchers this summer to support uniform purchases. We will be reinstating a focus on the usual high standards of expectation for uniform that existed prior to lockdown so please support this as an important part of the school approach to the sense of community we encourage. PE kits for all children with named items have been welcomed as a next step for us moving back to ‘normal’.


The shoes children wear should be sensible for learning and playtimes, so strapless shoes, flip flops, enclosed at the toes or heels, sandals and shoes with high heels are not allowed. Children should be able to fasten their own shoes. Boots should be plain black, without motifs, tassels, characters or different coloured piping. They should be able to put them on and take them off independently! (so no laces unless they can do them or learn to do them at home – teaching 30 young children to do laces when getting changed for PE is impossible!)


Achievement Awards

Kindness Champion – Lyla Ives

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

I would like you to go on a walk with your family. This could be in the woods, at the beach or around your local area. I would like you to use a grown ups phone or watch (with permission) to track your distance in metres and work out how many steps you have taken. It would be lovely to hear all about it.

And finally…

We are delighted to be able to share a lovely photo of the latest addition to the CVPS extended family! A very warm welcome to Jacob, a new brother for Joseph, now in Y4 and a great reminder that there is still lots to be pleased about in the world!

Dates for your Diary

School Newsletter

Goodbye Class of 2021!

We have reached that sad time of year when we must say goodbye to our Y6 pupils. This week they have really enjoyed a lot of rites of passage including the ‘signing of the school shirt’, a non-uniform day at their request; and it’s a pizza and chips dinner on their last day finishing with graduation at the end of the day on Friday!

The ‘pièce de résistance’ though during the final few weeks was definitely the opportunity that they had to visit London last week – we are so pleased that they got to go on this as it was a really memorable experience and many haven’t stopped talking about it since our return.

We always wish them well, telling them that we hope they have CVPS wings with which to fly, and CVPS roots to ground their values. They have shown resilience and resolve to manage their online learning – and their SATs scores (despite Covid) were the best in the school’s history! Well done Y6 we know you are truly going to ‘rock’ wherever you go next! We wish you well, thank you for making your mark with us, and we hope to see you revisit us in the future!


Covid Update

During the transition weeks we have decided to continue with all of our existing Covid control procedures given the substantial positive test results in the community at the moment. This means we will continue to respectfully request that all adults who come onto site to visit school (even in the school field for the sports celebration days), will be asked to wear masks and respect the social distancing arrangements. To keep our staff and existing bubbles as safe as possible we ask that only one adult per child attends the sports activity afternoons, and that both older and younger siblings don’t attend.

I appreciate this is disappointing, but we do feel that we are on a knife edge managing not only potential Covid transmission, but also the significant numbers of staff that have been subject to the legal isolation requirements.

The end of isolation….Hurray!

Once we get to August 16th – we will no longer need to isolate any child other than those who test positive for Covid. This will mean a lot less disruption in the future and we are so looking forward to that! We are proud to have only lost 23 school days in total throughout the current academic year in terms of the days when we have closed bubbles. Huge thanks to you all for playing such significant part in that

– it’s definitely been a team effort.


Final day pizza and chips with three cheers for Chef Lynn!


Year 3 bubble closure

It was absolutely heartbreaking to have to send Y3 home this week due to a positive Covid test in the class. The children were really looking forward to their showcase of their fairground carousel models at The Discovery Museum. However these situations happen through no fault of anyone, and so we have to show resilience and model that to our children. We are trying to link with Cheree and Michael to be able to get them to repeat their planned Discovery experience as soon as possible or for an alternative treat if that’s not possible.
The more frequent sound of ambulance sirens outside are a reminder that we must still play our part as a school in adhering to the guidelines to minimise transmission rates of the virus for as long as possible.

Transition Time

Around the rest of school there’s definitely been mixed emotions this week. Some children have been slightly nervous (understandably) about moving to their next classes. Some have been excited. Some have been rather more wistful than usual, and some have been more tetchy and unsettled than is usual. We have tried to keep things as much to our usual routine as possible, and openly talked about reflecting on the positives at the end of this year. Then starting to think about the new things we’ll be excited about in our new classes. I’ve been surprised that the children seem to have been more impacted this year about the change, with them all having been so settled where they currently are. I think some of the unseen impact of lockdown, uncertainty and Covid means those things which are certain (teachers, classrooms and routines at school) are more precious to us.

Reflections : huge thank yous and goodbye…

As we arrive at the end of another busy year, we take time to reflect and take stock of the events and special activities that have taken place.

Our three key themes and topics this year have certainly been a great springboard for many widely varying experiences and the children have exceeded our expectations in many ways. The topic

entitled ‘Does Art change the world?’ brought about some fantastic responses from KS2 working with our artist in residence, Jane Lee McCracken. Jane has continued to do some work with some of the children who showed exceptional gift in art. I was delighted to have received an image this week created by one of our Y6 pupils Tallulah Dowden who was inspired by Jane to use biro for this beautiful tiger drawing. A true artist already! Well done Tallulah!

Then in our topic in the spring term we reviewed the question ‘Is it good to be different?’ This brought about some excellent discussions about human rights, and we were able to explore diversity, socially as well as culturally at age appropriate levels.

After nearly a full term in lockdown in the spring, we returned to school just before our Easter break to be able to launch the summer term ‘Can we be fairground experts?’ This gave us an amazing opportunity to be able to get the children out and about after what felt like a year of being inside! With bookings for coaches and fairgrounds we enjoyed a fantastic trip to Ocean Park Pleasure Beach and had a great time. We wove into the theme all our science curriculum looking at forces, motion, electrical circuitry, history as well as some cultural appreciation. Seeing the delight on the children’s faces as they spent time at the rides on a glorious spring day was worth all the planning.

And so we reach the end of another brilliant year. Thank you so much for all the feedback forms that have been completed – we really appreciate the time taken to share your views and the encouraging words for the hard working staff team are a real boost at the end of a busy year. We will close the survey on Weds 21st July so please add your comments by then. Click here.

Staff changes

There’s a bitter-sweet time at the end of every school year when we must say goodbye to some of the wonderful staff who have supported the school throughout the year and who are moving on. It’s bitter because we know we will miss them, but sweet as we know they are moving on in their career or to just do something different that they’re looking forward to.

This year we are thankful to both Amy Biggins in Y1 and Christy Shirley in EYFS who have both come to the end of their contracts with us. They have had a hugely positive impact, on supporting the children’s emotional well-being and pastorally providing the children with everything they have needed and more. The children have loved their time in their classes and they have been highly valued members of the staff team. We will miss them both and wish them well for the future.

Then we have three more staff who have shouldered leadership responsibilities at CVPS for around 25 years between all three of them!

Ashleigh Galloway leaves her role at CVPS to take a career break to support her husband’s increasingly successful business. Ashleigh has been instrumental in developing the forest school provision at CVPS and has inspired our children over the ten years since she has (more or less continuously) led our distinctive forest school offer. She created a progression of skills and unique badge system and has taught many children the skills for bushcraft and fire-making. Ashleigh has developed our forest school ranger recognition programme for those children who have a real passion for learning in the outdoors. The children have loved Ashleigh’s leadership in forest school and have really benefited from her many creative ideas, highly skilled knowledge of tools, fires, nature and the environment. As a staff team we will miss Ashleigh’s ice breakers at staff training days – especially the hungry hippos! We wish Ashleigh and Lee well and every success with their business and want Ashleigh to know that we will protect her legacy as Paul Leedham takes over the forest school coordination ably supported by Debbie Thompson next year.

Lisa Brown steps away from CVPS this coming year after being a key player in the early development of the school since before it opened! Lisa has left a legacy throughout the school within both early years and our phonics provision across school. Our early years basic skills have been pioneered by Lisa, and she pioneered some home grown Little Angels approaches to risk management and conflict resolution with the youngest children such as our ‘Hazard Harry and Safety Sue Risky Business’, and ‘Bother and Best’ programmes. All the children who came to us in reception during the early years of our school opening, have been part of Lisa’s classes and they enjoyed the creative teaching activities she provided them. Who can forget the letters the reception children received from The Giant or the Bears?

Under Lisa’s beady eye, the children learned to read, write and to have excellent recall of number facts alongside lots of baking opportunities and fun games which were innovative and exciting . Her skills supporting parents with ideas for home learning and her experiences of providing potential solutions for and advice for families in early years have always been very welcome. She has shown outstanding judgement in her role as our designated safeguarding lead and has held many tenacious conversations. With Lisa going it’s definitely the end of an era and we are so grateful to her for galvanising the many routines, systems and culture that we have in school. Her passion and commitment to the profession putting the children at the heart of everything we do will follow her wherever she goes and will be sorely missed!

And finally Sarah Koratzitis came to us as a trainee teacher in 2014, and has excelled throughout her time training with us. She leaves us for a promoted post as a deputy headteacher at a first school in North Tyneside. We are hugely excited for her taking the next step in her career and we wish her well despite her leaving very big shoes to fill! Sarah has an adept warmth to her teaching style that inspires children no matter what their ability. Her astute focus on perfecting her teaching styles through many creative ways has been an absolute gift to the school that many of our remaining team have used as a model. I am delighted for Sarah to be innovating teaching and learning in a new environment and look forward to see her taking on a headship in the future!

The departing team as well as the arriving team will be at school throughout the transition weeks, ensuring an effective handover time and a great opportunity for staff training and making plans for next term. Some parents have asked if they can give end of term cards and gifts, and we have relaxed our approach to this.


New faces

We also say hello to new members of the team this term. And are delighted to have welcomed two of them many months ago as they first joined the team earlier in the year. Alice Sutton joins the early years team as the classroom teacher for reception children. Mark Watson joins Y3 and Alison Jones joins Y6. We are excited to be coming together as a new team and have lots of exciting plans for the next academic year. I’ve enclosed a summary of next year’s teaching teams and their personal updates so you can read them together.

Arrangements for arriving and departing during transition weeks: Please note the following start and finish times:

8.30 to 2.30 for Y1 to Y6 Monday to Thursdays

8.30 to 2pm on Fridays


Arrival and departure arrangements for transition weeks

Our new reception children will be informed separately about the drop off and collection points.


Y1 and Y2 will enter the side gate (next to Little Angels) using the same one way system we have done since lockdowns.

Y3 and Y4 will enter school at the side gate half way along the school field.

Y5 and Y6 are asked to come into the school grounds independently through the side gate at the start of each day.


Achievement Awards

Kindness Champions – Elizabeth Rutherford and Katherine Doris
Children achieving gold this weekY3 – Kain Usher
Footballer of the week – Zack Thompson (Y5) and Joseph Collins (Y6)


Ashleigh’s outdoor idea and tallest sunflower winners

Ahoy there! This week I would like you and your family to create your own treasure maps to solve. You could then take turns following the maps you have all created to find the treasure good luck!

Ashleigh announced the winners of the sunflower growing competition as follows:

KS1 with 130cm height was Joseph Collins

KS2 with 130cm height was Kain Usher


Dates for your Diary

School Newsletter

Countdown to the end of a challenging year

This week we’ve started the end of year assessment tests that take place annually when we look at what learning has been strongest for the children. It’s not the only measure of our children’s success but it is important to be able to show what worked well with our teaching. We find out whether there are any gaps left and then put things in place next year to work on closing those gaps. And it’s a great chance for us to celebrate progress made by the children with them too.

We have completed these assessments as late in the year as possible so you will be given the feedback about them when you have your parent consultations. These will confirm whether the children are working below, above or at age related expectations. We always work positively with this information with the children and use it as an opportunity to boost self esteem. We know the lockdowns have left us with lots to do as a staff team to regain the momentum we had prior to Covid.

The children have all tried hard so you may have noticed them coming home a little bit more tired than usual!


Covid Update

We are conscious that Covid rates are starting to rise this week and we have had to cope with both staff and children having to isolate.

At the moment the law has not changed about isolation periods. If your child is asked to isolate, it is a legal requirement for them to stay at home for the duration of the isolation period. The rest of the family can continue to go about business as usual unless the isolating child develops symptoms. Then the whole family must isolate until they receive a negative PCR test from the walk in test centres. If you have been asked to isolate you are allowed to leave home to be tested or to go to hospital if you are unwell but only for those reasons.

I appreciate that this is challenging for some families, but it has been a really effective way for us to minimise the disruption of closing off whole class bubbles. We have been informed of a number of positive test results in children, who have contracted the virus AFTER being asked to isolate (usually from a family member at home). This means that the rest of the class is not put at risk, allowing them to continue ‘as normal’.

As we hear and read in the media that there have been a lot of discussion about the merits of isolating, but until the DfE guidance documents change we must all continue to follow these legal requirements. These are national laws not policies created by CVPS or by me! Thank you so much to those of you who share the responsibility for our school community so well by following school feedback about testing and isolating.

Reports next week

Following our rigorous quality assurance process, your child’s school report will be sent out on email by Friday the 9th July. This will be different days for different children so please be patient! All classes will have received their full report for the year by the end of the week. Please check your emails!

London 2021

Y5/6 are taking their annual learning expedition to London next week from Tuesday to Thursday and I will be accompanying the children to support any Covid scenarios.

While I am away Melissa Costello as our Vice Principal will lead school in my absence on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Plans for transition to new classes

We have included a short pen portrait of your child’s new class teacher that will be sent out with their reports next week. This will give you an insight into their plans for the year.

Appointment of new Vice Principal

We are delighted to share with you that we have appointed our new Vice Principal Paul Leedham who will work alongside Melissa Costello. Paul moves to us as a senior leader from Burnside Primary School where he has led Y6 for a number of years. He is looking forward to joining the school and his role will involve a class teaching commitment, which he actively sought to continue, demonstrating his enthusiasm for working directly with children. Paul

writes “I am delighted that outdoor education is such an important part of the CVPS offer and can not wait to get involved with the forest school. I myself have been given so many opportunities through outdoor interests with the Scouting and Guiding associations as a young person and a leader.” Paul has undertaken the lead role in Mathematics at Burnside for a number of years which he will continue at CVPS. He is brimming with enthusiasm and energy which will be a hit with our lively pupils at CVPS!

Sports activity afternoons

During our last week of term, as promised we are planning an afternoon of sporting activities to which one adult from each child’s family can attend in line with government guidance.

Please check the dates below on our diary list if you wish to attend. We are only able to allow one adult per child to attend this event which will be held outdoors, subject to fair weather.

Achievement Awards

Kindness Champions – Tilly Merrett

Swimmer of the week – Miles Straker

Children achieving gold this week – YR – Logan Singer and Millie Mitchinson

Footballers of the week – Leonardo Trevisan and Louis Archbold

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

For our sunflower competition I would like you to take a picture of your sunflower (with you in the photograph) and measure it. Submit your entry onto your class Facebook page or to your class teacher and then we will announce the winner next week. Good luck!

Dates for your Diary

School Newsletter

Bill hooks, fire and gold, gold and more gold!

Across school there’s a real air of excitement as our children continue to inspire us with their positive attitudes to learning. In Y5 Ashveer moved onto gold celebration by 8.50 one morning! This was the result of excellent homework completion, sound TT Rockstars and really focussed reading work! And across school we had some discussion work during one of our remote assemblies learning about kindness and vocabulary and descriptors of what it means to be kind with some examples shared by the children. We also saw some random acts of kindness offered by some children at another school as we are planning something similar for next half term.

During forest school the children have been hard at work on their badges. With “our World’ badge incorporating a lot of geography fieldwork such as map reading, orienteering and identifying the points of the compass they are well underway with achieving their badges later this term.

Learning the ‘respect’ position in front of the preparation of fires, and playing safely with our Brownie the pig are also large aspects of the Animal Welfare Badge that the children are working towards. This involves learning about what types of food the children need to provide for the animals and the importance of giving them lots of stimulation – which is especially important for our pigs. And our newly hatched chicks are no longer tiny after just two weeks! They are now sprouting feathers and becoming busier and busier in their pens.

Our reading challenges are really taking centre stage for the vast majority of children. They are becoming more and more interested and engaged in reading. Thank you so much for all the encouragements that you are giving at home to ensure this happens. We are so pleased as reading at home really does make a huge difference to children’s progress as well as to their interest in reading as they grow and develop to be ready for the future.

Covid Update

We have taken the decision as a school that from Monday 7th June we will no longer require families to
wear face masks outside when dropping off or collecting their children. This alongside a few other minor changes to practices will be reviewed by our governors and the revised risk assessment will be added to the school website by the end of May. More easing of restrictions is great news for us all. Hurray to be  able to have our tea out somewhere on special occasions from next Monday!
However we are still tasked with the responsibility of sending home any child if they present at school with a cough, high temperature or loss of taste and smell. These are all symptoms of Covid. Please don’t tell your children to hold a cough in, not to tell us they’ve been coughing or to lie to us about who has been
coughing at home! (These situations have all happened!) It’s unfair to the children and puts the rest of the
school community at risk until the affected person receives a negative PCR Covid test. 

Thankfully the Covid rates in the community are exceptionally low. We know that coughs are likely to be viral, laryngitis or even hay fever related but if it is a new and persistent cough children can only return to school when a negative PCR test is received. Lateral Flow Device Tests are insufficient if you or your child have symptoms. 

A huge thank you to all those families who patiently organise tests and who have been diligent to get these sorted as quickly as possible. Please believe us that the disruption of sending a child home is the last thing we want to do too!

The Big Ask

Our children throughout school will be given an opportunity to take part in the national children’s survey next week at school. This is a national programme led by the Children’s Commissioner who was recently appointed.

Ashleigh’s outdoor idea

We’ve noticed an abundance of dandelions and daisies in our school field recently. It would be lovely if you could find some in your local area, pick a small bunch and tie some string around them. You could give them to someone you care about and make them smile.


Achievement Awards

Kindness champions

Jaxon Gunnell and Anne Brown


Children achieving gold celebration on the learning ladder this week

Y2 – James; Y3 – Maisie M, Sienna; Y4 – Eeva; Y5 – Ashveer


Dates for your Diary